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Lunge Bandana

Lunge Bandana.

Product Dimensions: 26x47 cm
32 g

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The right accessory for your workouts

For an effective training session, you need the right equipment. The Lunge polyester bandana is the perfect accessory for any season. During the winter it protects the head and neck from the cold and during the summer it shields from you the sun's rays. As it is lightweight (just 32 g) and small (26x47 cm), it will leave you free to move so that you can exercise to the full. It can also keep your hair out of your face to prevent it from annoying you as you exercise.

Your brand on your bandana

There are seven different colours available for this item: black, red, white, apple green, purple, orange or royal blue. You can also let the product speak for you and your business by customising it using one- or two-colour transfer printing; the area on which you can print your logo or message measures 150x60 mm. For the first print colour, you can choose from the 11 options given or your own custom colour; the same applies to the second print colour, which is optional, except that there are 10 different colours available.

The complimentary product for sports lovers

As it caters to several different uses, it is suitable for any type of physical activity. Therefore, you can hand it out at numerous outdoor sporting events from marathons to football matches. The practicality of this item also makes it suitable for other uses. Customers that enjoy sports will always appreciate receiving this gift whether at an event or in the office.

Our sports products

We have many other customisable items for sports, like the bandana, which you can offer your customers whilst effectively promoting your brand. Recipients can carry essential accessories around with them such as the drinks bottle in the Oriole sailor bag, so they can run without worrying about what they have to carry.

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