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Print polo shirts customised with your logo and B&C T-shirts for adults and children

If you are always looking for new ways to promote your brand, it is important to explore all options. Our customised B&C polo shirts and T-shirts, made from 100% cotton, are available for men, women and children - so that your logo or message will always be visible on your branded clothing.

All the T-shirts and polo shirts are available in six different colours:

  • White
  • Black/
  • Navy blue
  • Mélange grey/
  • Red
  • Yellow

Each style of polo shirt and T-shirt comes in different sizes:

  1. B&C men's T-shirt: seven sizes, from XS (45x68 cm) to XXXL (63x80 cm).
  2. B&C men's polo shirt: seven sizes, from XS (45.5 cmx67 cm) to XXXL (66.5x82 cm).
  3. B&C women's T-shirt: five sizes, from XS (41x58 cm) to XL (53x66 cm).
  4. Women's polo shirt: five sizes, from XS (41x61 cm) to XL (53x67 cm).
  5. B&C children's T-shirt: from 5/6 years (36x46 cm) to 12/14 years (45x63 cm).
  6. B&C children's polo shirt: from 5/6 years (37x49 cm to 12/14 years (46x62 cm).

Apply your logo to B&C T-shirts and polo shirts

Three different printing techniques are available for your customised B&C polo shirts and T-shirts: one- or two-colour screen printing, embroidery on the left-hand side of the chest or four-colour digital printing. Of these options, embroidery on the left-hand side of the chest is the only one that covers the same print area for adults and children: 80x50 mm.

Screen printing and digital printing can be used on four areas, which are smaller for children and bigger for adults:

  1. Sleeve: the customisable area measures 80x50 mm for men and women, whilst for children it is 60x40 mm.
  2. Left-hand side of chest: you can print your logo or message on an area measuring 100x60 mm for adults and 80x50 mm for children.
  3. Chest: the customisable area is 250x200 mm for adults and 200x150 mm for children.
  4. Back (between the shoulder blades): in this case, the area for your logo or message is also 250x200 mm for adults and 200x150 mm for children.

Print customised B&C polo shirts and T-shirts for the right occasions

Our B&C T-shirts and polo shirts that can be customised with your logo or message can be used in a number of situations. You could create your own range of company clothing for your employees to wear at trade fairs or important business events. You could also order these customised T-shirts and polo shirts for the children at your school or in your sports team.

Customised T-shirts, polo shirts and much more: our recommendations

Now you have B&C clothing to wear at trade fairs and events, you can get everything else organised for your stand. Counter stands can be used to display all your literature such as leaflets, folded flyers and other small format items.

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