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Dress up your brand

At crowded events, filled with your competitors' stands, it is crucially important to attract customers' attention so they pay you a visit. One way to ensure you do not miss out on any opportunities is to use clothes to promote your business, and we have a range of customisable clothing designed for that very purpose.

  1. T-shirts: made of 100% cotton and available in men's, women's and children's sizes. There are two different models to choose from: B&C and Russell. The T-shirts, which have six sizes for adults and four for children, offer three different areas you can customise, the left-hand side of the chest, the front and the sleeve, and three different printing techniques. There are six colours available to choose from.
  2. Polo shirts: you can customise this item of clothing with one of three different printing methods, choosing your preferred location for the design (sleeve, front or the left-hand side of the chest). It is made of cotton, and is available in two models (Russell and B&C) for men and women, while for children only the B&C model is available. There is also a good range of options for the colour of your polo shirt: six in total.
  3. Memphis cap: this cotton item is perfect both for protecting you from the sun and for ensuring you are visible outdoors. You can choose from three different customisation options in two different areas, as well as selecting the colour of the cap, with eight different shades available.
  4. Lunge bandana: this polyester item (26 x 47 cm, weighing 32 g) is perfect for covering your head during exercise. It comes in six different colours: black, white, red, apple green, purple and orange. A 150 x 60 mm part of the bandana can be customised using one- or two-colour transfer printing.

When should I use customised clothing?

Clothes bearing your brand are the perfect way to ensure you get noticed at events. You could also give them out as a free gift that is sure to be appreciated by your customers and employees, as they can be worn in any situation.

Keep advertising your business

You've discovered a new way to promote your brand. Continue along the same lines: customised free gifts for your customers, business partners and employees are excellent if you want them to remember you, or to help you stand out at crowded events.

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