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Gofax Touchscreen Smartphone Arm Strap

Gofax smartphone touchscreen arm strap. Adjustable arm band with Velcro™ closure and PVC cover to protect and operate your smartphone. Includes an extra slot pocket to hold your keys or coins. Polyester.

Product Dimensions: 17 x 49.5 cm
Weight: 50 g

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Soundtrack your life, even when running

Practical, functional and customisable, this smartphone armband is the ideal accessory for carrying your phone with you while exercising. Made of polyester with a Velcro fastening, the PVC cover allows you to use your device's touchscreen, while at the same time offering protection. It is very light (50 g) and compact (17 x 49.5 cm), and the pocket for keys or money means an end to bulky shorts pockets.

The ideal product for you

Your armband can come in six different colours: black, apple green, royal blue, red, orange and light grey. You can customise it with a design either above or below your smartphone, in an area measuring 70 x 30 mm; your logo or message will be printed using one-colour pad printing, and you can request your own personal hue or, alternatively, choose from 12 predefined options.

The perfect gift for sports lovers

This arm strap is the ideal free gift for fitness fans who want to ensure they can be contacted at all times. If you give this item to your customers or employees, they will be able to enjoy a very useful tool for their leisure time, while you promote your brand through the custom-printed strap. If your business operates is in the mobile communications sector, you could give this strap away as a gift with every new smartphone you sell, and thus gain the loyalty of new customers.

Other high-tech products featuring your brand

As well as the smartphone arm strap, you could also give your customers and employees other handy tools with your brand printed on them. One option, for example, is a power bank to keep phone batteries charged, and charging cables to connect one device with another are also extremely handy. Finally, the Braided earbuds are also useful for answering calls.

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