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B&C Women's T-shirts

100% cotton t-shirts in a range of colours and sizes

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Wear your brand

To succeed in any business you need to promote it, and this means finding the methods best suited to each situation. The cotton B&C women's t-shirts, which can be printed with your logo or message, are a versatile product suitable both for your customers and colleagues.

The perfect t-shirt

First of all, you need to decide which colour to use for your t-shirts, choosing from six predefined options: white, black, navy blue, mélange grey, red and yellow.

Then it's time to customise them, for which there are nine different options and three different methods available.

  1. One- or two-colour screen printing: the design is printed directly onto the fabric using high-coverage inks. This technique is recommended for printing logos in large quantities or where a particularly high-quality result is required. You can choose to customise an area on the sleeve (80 x 50 mm), the left chest (100 x 60 mm), the front (250 x 200 mm) or the back (250 x 200 mm).
  2. Embroidery: the thread is made from the same material as the t-shirt (i.e. cotton). This technique is recommended for logos, and is available on the left-hand side of the chest (80 x 50 mm).
  3. Four-colour digital printing: this is the ideal choice if you want to reproduce images, or if you only need a small quantity of t-shirts. The sleeve (80 x 50 mm), the left chest (100 x 60 mm), the front (250 x 200 mm) and the back (250 x 200 mm) can all be customised.

Perfect for any situation

These t-shirts are ideal for any events and trade fairs you attend, providing another way of displaying your logo or message. You could also give them away to new customers you meet during these activities. In addition, the t-shirts are also perfect for exercising in, and so are ideal if you are sponsoring a sporting event or organising outdoor activities.

Choose the best option every time

To make sure your customers remember you, in addition to a well-designed advertising campaign you also need the right free gifts. Take a look at our range of promotional items, and choose those that suit you best. If you want to produce this type of customised t-shirt for everyone, it is also available in men's and children's sizes.

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