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Wire Selfie Stick

Silicone, steel and PVC selfie stick, with a wrist strap and a button on the handle. It extends up to 90 cm, and is compatible with all iOS phones with a 3.5-mm audio jack. The adjustable phone holder fits all smartphones.

Product Dimensions:
 21 x 5 x 9,5 cm
Weight: 130 g

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The right promotional item for your customers

Do you want to maintain your customer network whilst always finding new customers? Then the Wire selfie stick is the product that can help you do that. You can give them a useful, practical gift that is also manageable (lightweight at just 130 g and small at 21x5x9.5 cm). This silicone, steel and PVC stick comes with a wrist strap and a button on the handle, making it very easy to use.

The item is compatible with all iOS mobile phones with a 3.5 mm audio jack. Plus, the adjustable phone holder fits all smartphones.

When should I use them?

You can use the stick at trade fairs and events, handing them out to customers as a gift. Not only will they remember you but your brand will also be advertised everywhere they go.

Get creative

You can print your logo or message on the phone holder (on an area measuring 30x48 mm) and you can also choose the printing method. The first option available is four-colour digital printing; the second is one- or two-colour pad printing. With pad printing, there are 12 colours to choose from for your first print colour or you can select your own custom colour; the second colour is optional and you can choose one of the 11 available or your own customised colour.

Products to complement the Wire selfie stick

If you like the product but would like it to be smaller, or if you want to customise different areas, we have the mini selfie stick available. You can also advertise your brand with other promotional items.

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