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Coming together by staying apart: business materials

As the Department of Health and Social Care has explained, one of the key factors in winning the fight against the coronavirus is reducing the opportunities for it to spread. This means maintaining a safe distance between people even in places that are usually very busy, such as supermarkets, company production areas and waiting rooms. To help those responsible for maintaining order in this challenging situation, we have produced a series of materials to indicate safe distances to workers and customers and ensure that they are respected. These include products with pre-defined graphics that are ready for use: you can order them quickly and easily from our website and have them delivered directly to your office (or home) with our reliable shipping.

Safety devices for your businesses

Our Business Materials are made from high-quality materials and printed in high definition using state-of-the-art technology. Select the right product for your spaces and order in just a few clicks!

  • Protective Screen: made from clear Plexiglas® 5 mm, it is available in four different sizes (50x70 cm, 60x70 cm, 100x70 cm, 120x70 cm). The polymethyl methacrylate panel is lightweight but shatter-resistant and is ideal for printing. You have the option to apply your own customised graphics to the Protective Screen. Send us the file in the standard orientation and we will mirror it for printing.
  • Adhesive PVC for Floors: our pre-defined floor stickers are an ideal way to indicate safe distances for customers and workers, and they are ready for use. They are an original solution that allows you to get your message across without taking up more space.
  • Window Signage: you can use stickers for windows and walls to give customers and colleagues all the information they need to maintain order in your commercial spaces. You will find 18 pre-defined graphic designs to choose from. Select the right one for you and order your ready-to-use window stickers in just a few clicks!
  • Self-Adhesive Vinyl: do you want to print customised stickers for walls or floors? If you already have graphics ready to be used that match your branding, you can choose this option to produce your own unique stickers.
  • Distance Marker: lightweight but resistant, this is a highly visible tool that can be printed with a choice of two pre-defined graphic designs.

Our contribution to the fight against Covid-19

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