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Kids’ face masks: safe, colourful and reusable

Face masks are an important part of daily life at the moment, and in some cases they are compulsory in certain situations outside of the home. Therefore, if you have to go out, whether for work or to buy essential items, it is essential to take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and others as best you can. At Pixartprinting, we have paid special attention to the little ones by creating safe, colourful and reusable kids’ masks that are machine washable and customisable!

Kids’ masks

Trumask™ kids’ mask: with 90% filtration efficiency, the Trumask™ boasts multi-layer technology with a filter inside and a hypoallergenic 100% cotton surface that is suitable for prolonged contact with the skin. It also has adjustable ear loops and a flexible bridge that adjusts to the shape of the face – ideal to keep your child comfortable when they have to be around others. The kids’ mask measures 19 cm x 12 cm. Children can personalise their masks and choose their preferred colour or pattern from the options available.

Oredering kids’ masks

When you have chosen the best model for you and personalised your product, you will be given a quote and estimated delivery date instantly. Once you have completed your order for kids’ N95 masks, you can sit back and count on our reliable shipping service. If you have any questions about the product or ordering process, our Customer Support teams will be happy to help you.

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