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Show your windows at their best

To grab customers' attention and entice them into your shop, your windows have to be perfect, and should clearly communicate your special offers. We provide the ideal products to achieve this objective.

  1. Sale decorations: this range of four items is designed to highlight your seasonal discounts to customers. The cube, free-standing cutouts and hanging cutouts (all made of cardboard) and the window stickers allow you to add the word 'sale' or the percentages customers can save to your windows.
  2. Folding screen: this is a free-standing honeycomb cardboard structure, which is printable on one side and is perfect for creating the background to your window displays. The minimum size is 50 x 50 cm, while the maximum depends on the orientation of the screen: you can choose from 155 x 300 cm or 300 x 155 cm. There are also three different layouts available for your folding screen, with one, two or three folds: choose the one that suits you best.

Security that doesn't sacrifice style

You can make your anti-theft systems an integral part of your shop furnishing using our covers, available in two different materials.

  1. Fabric anti-theft gate cover: a polyester cover available in your chosen dimensions.
  2. Cardboard anti-theft gate cover: there are two sizes to choose from: 45 x 153.5 x 11.5 cm or 60 x 153.5 x 15 cm. It is self-standing and easy to assemble, and is supplied with double-sided sticky tape to attach it to the gate. Its weight varies between 1.25 kg and 1.76 kg.

Brighten up the rest of your shop too

A well-designed window display is a magnet for customers. To ensure their expectations are met when they step through the door, we also provide interior decoration products.

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