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The promotions in the white squares are subject to the restrictions specified on the relevant product page.

The promotion on: Unbound Sheets, Paper Menus, Freestanding TFS Frame, Bag Toppers, Wall-mounted TFS Frame, Door Hangers, has the following restrictions: one print job per customer, with a maximum value of 250€ and the most distant delivery date.

On various days and at different times, we're offering some promotions with limited availability, highlighted by a box on our page.
To take advantage of the offer, click on the box and add the product to your basket.
The promotions have a limited number of print jobs available, and once they have run out it will no longer be possible to take advantage of the offer. Remember that all prices given exclude VAT.
All promotions will finish at the end of the Happy Hour.


You need to complete your order correctly to be sure of receiving the promotion – wait until you see the order confirmation screen.
If you do not complete your order, and just leave the print job in your basket, it is possible that the available jobs will run out in the meantime, preventing you from placing the order.
You can only order one print job for each active promotion, and you must complete the payment and upload the file within five days.


Logging in before Happy Hour starts, to speed up the purchasing process.
Concentrating 100% on your purchase: we'll take care of automatically updating the page to show you any new promotions and those that are still available!