Square Business Cards

Square business cards are perfect for those seeking a less conventional way to introduce themselves. Printed on standard, special or laminated paper, they allow you to give clients and contacts a small and original reminder of you and your business. Ideal for promoting creative events or companies.

Square Business Cards in the UK

Get customisable small format prints for square shaped business cards from us - right here online. Use our online square business card printing services to get bespoke square business cards that will stand out from the rest. We can accommodate all requests.

We offer our business cards in a variety of folding options to add a further layer of eye-catching detail and novelty. Our extensive knowledge and experience in the business card printing industry assures you of high-quality products, regardless of the complexity of your requirements.

Choose your own square business cards online

You can use our online form to choose your printing options, such as black and white or 4-colour printing. You'll also get recommendations for the ideal paper types and weights to ensure your full satisfaction.

The variety of paper choices available ensures that your square shaped business cards will have the bespoke look and feel that is essential to ensure your brand comes across in the desired manner.

Square business cards – types of paper

There are multiple types of paper, both standard papers and premium papers. Find out more below.

  • Standard papers:
    • Classic Demimatt - Matt coated: a durable, white, matt-coated paper
    • Classic Gloss - Gloss coated: a white, gloss-coated paper with a silky finish
  • Premium papers:
    • Extraprint - Brilliant white smooth uncoated: a natural paper stock with a smooth, velvety surface
    • Rembrandt - Stipple textured uncoated: a paper that is laid on both sides for a textured finish
    • Underwood - Woodstock birch: the colour of this paper is similar to ivory and it has natural feel like recycled paper thanks to the randomly spaced dots and straw on the surface
    • Pearl: a 100% cellulose paperboard with a silky and pearly surface and Ice White colour
    • Turner - Orange peel texture: a felt-marked paper producing an orange peel effect
    • Recycled: an environmentally friendly paper made from 100% recycled fibres
    • Ice White - Brilliant with uncoated linen finish: a natural paper embossed on both sides with a high white point
    • Mohawk superfine: a Softwhite natural paper that is uncoated and felt-marked on both sides

Square business cards – lamination options

Want to add a special finish to your square business cards to make them even more durable and keep them looking pristine? Depending on your choice of paper, you may be able to add lamination to either the front only or to the front and back. Here are the lamination options that you may be able to select in order to protect the print and keep the colours bright and less susceptible to fading:

  1. Matt: a matt plastic film
  2. Gloss: a glossy plastic film
  3. Soft touch: an ultra-matt plastic film that has a velvet feel

Please note that lamination is only available on the standard papers.

Helping you get the perfect square business cards in the UK

Ease of use is of the utmost importance to us, so we make it simple for you to get exactly what you want in a business card. Our detailed online form allows you to make all the necessary specifications. A downloadable Instructions manual and template are available so that you can optimise your graphic file prior to submission.

For perfect square business card printing, you simply upload your completed graphic files right here on our site. Alternatively, you can email them to us.

Fast turnaround and design verification for square business cards

If you have stringent deadlines, we can deliver your square business cards in the UK in as little as 48 hours. You can also get a reduced price if you order in advance. Professional graphic designers can also verify your design for optimal printing for a negligible surcharge.

Please note that each order requires a minimum of 50 units.