Expobanner Deluxe-mono

Standing more than two metres tall, the Expobanner Deluxe-mono is the ideal single-sided display to promote your message in crowded locations like trade fairs, shopping centres, conferences or shops. The banner is easy to assemble and can be changed as often as you like to suit the event.

  • Print available separately

Expobanner Deluxe-mono, display for shops and shop windows

Expobanner Deluxe-mono, all the quality of Pixartprinting floor displays. This customisable display represents one of the favourite solutions of those who need a practical and versatile tool.

Made with materials that guarantee an extremely high structural quality, the Expobanner Deluxe-mono display is a perfect promotional tool for meetings, fairs and showrooms.

Customising you Expobanner Deluxe-mono display is extremely easy, Pixartprinting offers you several options that will allow you to perfectly combine your display with your comunication needs.

Every year, Pixartprinting successfully meets the needs of 80.000 customers all over Europe. The guaranteed quality will satisfy you too.