Flyers and Leaflets

Leaflets are an incredibly versatile and useful communication tool. Whether you opt for a standard or custom size, they are ideal both for commercial leafleting and for advertising events or products at trade fairs or inside shops and cafes. Depending on the paper you choose, you can create anything from a simple leaflet to sophisticated marketing material, all in a wide range of formats.

  • Different front and back possible
  • Various paper weights
  • Lamination available

Flyers and leaflets printing

How to make a flyer

What is a flyer? Flyers are a simple and affordable tool to promote your brand or products. As they do not have folds, they are ideal for smaller amounts of information and eye-catching imagery to instantly grab attention. They can be handed out on the street to entice passers-by to your shop or food business with promotions, or displayed on the counter to encourage customers to return or attend events.

Pixartprinting prints flyers and leaflets in high definition with cutting-edge technology. We offer the best flyer printing costs, particularly for large bulk orders and later delivery dates. Of course, customisation is our speciality, so not only can you print your own graphics and text on your flyers and leaflets, you can also personalise them in many other ways. Leaflets printing is available in various sizes, on a range of papers and with a choice of lamination options for added durability and an extra splash of personality.

Flyers printing and formats

The leaflets can be printed in landscape or portrait, and are available in 7 pre-defined formats, as follows:

  • A6 (10.5 x 14.8 cm)
  • A5 (14.8 x 21 cm)
  • A4 (21 x 29.7 cm)
  • A3 (29.7 x 42 cm)
  • 10 x 15 cm
  • 10 x 21 cm
  • 17 x 24 cm

You can also choose the “custom” option and set your own dimensions for fully flexible flyers printing. Not only that, we also give you complete freedom on what you print and where: you can print on the front of the flyers only, have the same design on the front and back or opt for a different front and back.

Papers for flyers printing

Choose from a wide range of standard and premium papers for your leaflets printing project. Please see a brief summary below:

  • Standard papers
    • Classic Demimatt - Matt coated: a durable, white, matt-coated paper available in six different weights.
    • Classic Gloss - Gloss coated: a bright white, gloss-coated paper with a silky finish, also available in six different weights.
    • Classic uncoated - Brilliant white uncoated: a white, natural uncoated paper weighing 90 gsm.
  • Premium papers
    • Extraprint - Brilliant white smooth uncoated: a natural paper with a velvety finish, available in 100 gsm, 160 gsm or 300 gsm.
    • Rembrandt - Stipple textured uncoated: a paper that is embossed on both sides for a textured feel, available in 120 gsm or 300 gsm.
    • Underwood - Woodstock birch: a natural, ivory-coloured paper with a recycled look and feel, available in 110 gsm, 170 gsm or 260 gsm.
    • Pearl paper: an ice-white cellulose paper with a sophisticated, pearly finish; weighs 300 gsm.
    • Turner - Orange peel texture: weighing 300 gsm, this paper stands out for its orange-peel effect on both sides.
    • Recycled: an eco-friendly paper made from 100% recycled fibres, available in two weights.
    • Ice White - Brilliant with uncoated linen finish: weighing 280 gsm, this natural paper is embossed on both sides and has a high white point.
    • Mohawk superfine: a high-quality, sophisticated paper for prestigious flyers and leaflets. Uncoated and ivory in colour, weighing 324 gsm.

There are a lot of papers there to choose from for your flyers so click on the information button next to each one on the form above to find out more about them.

Lamination options for flyers and leaflets

Depending on the type of paper you choose and the weight, you may be able to add lamination to your flyers. Here are the lamination options available:

  • Matt front only/Matt front and back
  • Soft touch front only/Soft touch front and back

The laminations protect the print and keep the colours bright, offering a professional finish.

Ordering flyers and leaflets from Pixartprinting

Flyers printing is easy with Pixartprinting. Simply work your way through the intuitive form, selecting the preferences for your leaflets. A range of prices and delivery dates will be generated, giving you the option to benefit from discounted flyer printing costs for later delivery dates.

Template and Instructions files can be downloaded to help you set up your print file correctly. If you have any problems or questions, you can rely on our Customer Support team for assistance.

How to make a flyer

If you’ve decided that flyers are the right way to advertise your brand – perhaps to hand out in the street or include in product packaging to spread the word about promotions or events – then get the ball rolling with Pixartprinting.

It’s best to keep your design simple but striking, so as not to put your audience off reading with too much cluttered information. It’s important to choose the right paper to reflect your company’s personality, as well as bearing budget restrictions in mind. For example, you could opt for: recycled paper for an environmentally conscious business with character; a lightweight, classic paper for a more affordable, simple look; or pearl paper to make a sophisticated impression.

Size is another important factor to consider, and one that will also affect the final price. Feel free to play around with your selections on the order form and see how the different sizes, papers and weights affect the price, so you can find the perfect flyers for your situation.

Why choose Pixartprinting for your printed flyers?

Pixartprinting offers the best flyer printing costs for bulk orders. We are able to do this because we invest in the latest and most innovative technology and materials to help keep production costs low, and we pass the benefits onto you! Our quality flyers are printed in high definition with bright colours and clear text so you can make the best possible impression with your flyers.

We have a dedicated Customer Support team to help with any enquiries or questions about flyers printing, and our delivery service is fast and efficient. Give us a try and see our quality for yourself.

What is the difference between flyers and leaflets?

What is a flyer? Flyers and leaflets are essentially the same thing. We use the two terms interchangeably on our website. The most important aspect is that they do not have a fold. We have separate product pages for folded leaflets.

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