Non-woven Fabric Banners

Non-woven fabric banners are an extremely lightweight option, perfect for temporary communication outdoors. Despite its disposable nature, non-woven fabric offers excellent colour performance and high-definition printing.

  • 95 gsm
  • Cut square or to shape
  • Customisable with eyelets and bungees

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Material banners in non-woven fabric

Value for money for large format banners

Pixartprinting’s non-woven fabric banners are an excellent choice for large format advertising projects as they are lightweight and affordable yet produce bright colours and excellent clarity. They are therefore perfect for temporary events such as a charity fundraiser or a sporting occasion, either to attract attention, provide information or show your company’s support, but they can also be used indoors at trade fairs at exhibitions. The benefits of our material banners include a number of customisation options so that you tailor them to your company’s needs and create the perfect backdrop for your brand’s message.

Create customised event banners

With Pixartprinting, there are a number of options to choose from to make your non-woven fabric banner unique:

  • Size: there are no set sizes to restrict you, simply enter your desired height and width, bearing in mind that both must be a minimum of 50 cm
  • Orientation: select either landscape or portrait
  • Accessories: non-woven fabric banners can come with or without accessories. Options include: galvanised aluminium eyelets; high-strength transparent polycarbonate eyelets; galvanised aluminium eyelets with black bungee; galvanised aluminium eyelets with white bungee; super-resistant polycarbonate eyelets with black bungee; or super-resistant polycarbonate eyelets with black bungee.
  • Number and location of accessories: you can also enter the number of accessories you require and select where they should be located on the banner (e.g. around the entire perimeter, or on the left and right side, etc.)

Your design will be printed on non-woven fabric using sublimation inks in up to six colours at 600 dpi. Our material banners can last approximately two weeks outdoors and indefinitely indoors. The print will appear on the front only and all event banners will come with square-cut edges.

Delivering your large format banners

Pixartprinting’s prices and delivery options will vary depending on your chosen specifications and turnaround requirements, with delivery available in as little as 48 hours.