Advertising Banner Sample Pack

Advertising banners are the ideal tool for spreading your message outdoors. But which material should you choose? Order our sample pack and touch each of the 13 different materials in the catalogue with your own hands, each suitable for different uses and communication needs.

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  • Includes information brochure

Order a sample pack for your advertising banners

Advertising banners have a huge amount of promotional potential. However, it is important to choose the ideal material for each occasion, based on the environment and the context in which it will be used.

To help you choose and to give you the chance to try before you place your order, we are offering a sample of our 13 materials for advertising banners. In the sample pack you will also find an example of the eyelets required to hang the banners: they are available in aluminium or polycarbonate - the latter is transparent and more durable.

PVC advertising banner sample pack

There are six different types of PVC banner available, all durable and particularly well suited to outdoor displays.

  • Extreme classic 500 gsm: this is an affordable and versatile banner that can last up to three years without protection. Ideal for outdoor use.
  • Extreme classic 650 gsm: this material offers enhanced print quality compared to the 500 gsm version, it is durable and lasts the same amount of time. It is a great choice for outdoor events or use in urban environments.
  • Extreme backlight 450 gsm: this is an affordable, lightweight vinyl banner suitable for backlighting. It is designed for communication in the evening or night-time or in dimly lit interiors.
  • Extreme blockout double-sided 600 gsm: this multilayer banner consists of two layers of printable white PVC on the outside and a black PVC core that ensures that light does not pass through the material and that it is therefore not transparent. If you are looking for a material that is legible on both sides and can be hung on roads where traffic travels in both directions, this weatherproof and UV-resistant material is the ideal solution.
  • Self-extinguishing EcoFlat 398 gsm: a puckering-resistant banner with three layers: two layers of PVC and a PET core. It has a smooth surface and grey back, preventing light from passing through without affecting the printed images.
  • Self-extinguishing mesh 260 gsm: a PVC mesh banner designed to withstand strong winds on scaffolding.

The fabric advertising banner sample pack

Now we will look at the seven fabric materials: lightweight and flexible, perfect for banners and much more.

  • 100% polyester fabric 235 gsm: a washable fabric treated to make it crease-resistant, perfect for indoor banners and standard banners. As it does not absorb moisture, it is waterproof and dirt-resistant.
  • Elastic fabric 215 gsm: a polyester fabric with some elasticity, treated to make it crease-resistant. It is resistant to chemicals and abrasion, ideal for settings that require stability and durability (lasts up to three years outdoors).
  • Windproof outdoor fabric 115 gsm: this is the ideal material for flags as it is a durable, wash-resistant and windproof open-weave banner.
  • Deluxe indoor fabric 130 gsm: its brightness and ability to reproduce well-defined, consistent colours make it the best choice for sophisticated interior decoration.
  • Backlighting fabric 150 gsm: this polyester fabric is perfect for dark settings and night-time use. It allows plenty of light through and has a close weave for highly detailed images. It produces bright, well-defined colours, especially when backlit.
  • Fabric with opaque back 240 gsm: a close-weave polyester fabric with an opaque black polyamide blackout back, preventing light from passing through without affecting the printed images.
  • Non-woven fabric 95 gsm: an extremely lightweight non-woven fabric banner, which produces bright and well-defined colours. It is suitable for indoor use or temporary outdoor use.

A sample pack and more: other options

After trying out this product you can be confident you are ordering the right material for your advertising banners. You can also try the materials for many other items and play it safe with our sample packs.