Photo Posters

Choose our photo posters and print your images on a superior quality product, with the option of photo paper or canvas. Customise them with a mount and add a frame or magnetic wooden hangers, both available in three different colours.

  • Two materials
  • Two designs
  • Hanging kit

Custom poster with a frame

A poster is a classic item of wall decor with a great history behind it. Posters of bands, singers and famous people epitomise many different generations, fixed to the walls of colourful bedrooms across the world. With Pixartprinting, you can now print your personalised poster with a frame quickly and easily, to immortalise your memories or decorate your walls in your own style. It only takes a few clicks on this page!

Select your preferred customisation options, upload your photo and submit your order. Your new personalised poster will be sent directly to your home through our fast shipping service. Remember, you can also add a beautiful, matching frame to your new poster.

Print a poster with a frame in high definition

At Pixartprinting, we use the latest printing technology to ensure you get the best quality result. Printed on a customised poster, your photo or original image will have bright colours and sharp details. You can use your new poster with a frame to give your bedroom or office a new look and make your special moments stand out.

Discover the unmissable value for money and take advantage of the offer to add a new splash of character to your spaces!

Customised posters with frames and other ideas for your walls

Are you looking for the best solution to fill your bare walls? We recommend taking a look at our Photo products You can find lots of different materials for printing your images on rigid media: print on canvas, aluminium, Plexiglass and much more. Each material will highlight your photos and give them a unique look.

We put our best technology and our passion at your service. Don't limit your creativity!