Sticker Sheets

If you want to let your creativity run wild, sticker sheets are the perfect choice. You can print various stickers, including different shapes, on the same sheet, making them perfect for creating elaborate compositions, messages or designs, and for producing unique products or gifts to hand out to your customers.

  • 3 sizes
  • 7 materials

Custom sticker sheets UK

Want to grab your customers' attention in an original way? Our custom printed sticker sheets provide an innovative way to present your brand. The stickers, on an A3, A4 or A5 sheet, can be in any shape you want (including different shapes on the same sheet), and can be positioned anywhere on the printed surface, with your design printed across the entire sheet.

You will receive all the sticker sheets you want in a short period of time (only 48 hours) and with completely free shipping.

Customise your sticker sheet printing in the UK

You can add any shape of sticker to the sheet, either predefined (circular, square or rectangular) or customised; in addition, you can choose the dimensions of your stickers, and they do not all have to be the same size. There are three different sheets available:

  • A5 (21x14.8 cm)
  • A4 (29.7x21 cm)
  • A3 (42x29.7 cm)

The stickers are made from white or transparent polypropylene. You can also enhance them with a special finish: selective varnish, gold foil or silver foil.

Finishes for sticker sheets

Pixartprinting offers you a choice of four finishes for your custom sticker sheets:

  • Labellife 3 anti-scratch varnish: a gloss coating that protects the sticker sheets from scratches and UV light
  • Matt lamination: a matt plastic film that protects colours, keeping them bright over time
  • Gloss lamination: a glossy plastic film that enhances the print and protects against fading
  • Soft touch lamination: a transparent film that protects the sticker sheets and gives them a soft, sophisticated feel

Finishes are an excellent way to enhance your sticker sheets, add special effects and ensure the very best results for longer. All of the options protect the stickers and reduce the likelihood of the colours fading over time.

When can I use my customised A4 stickers?

This item, designed for use indoors, is perfect for use on packaging of various consistencies, materials and sizes. Because the customisation options for custom sticker sheets in the UK allow you to choose all the shapes and sizes you want, you can create a single A4 sheet that contains the stickers you need for any type of packaging, regardless of its size or the material the box is made from.

Ordering sticker sheets online

There are so many ways to customise your sticker sheets with Pixartprinting that you might be concerned that this would make the order process complicated, but that is not the case! The order form is broken down into clear steps so that you can easily work through it, selecting your preferred options. Pixartprinting keeps the prices of sticker sheets totally transparent, so you will see the price automatically generated as you work through the form. This is particularly helpful if you are working to a budget.

Delivery of the sticker sheets is both fast and reliable, and our Customer Care team is on hand to help with any questions you might have.

Which products can be used in conjunction with sticker sheet printing in the UK?

You can make the most of the versatility of these custom printed sticker sheets by using them to label any type of packaging. If, meanwhile, you want a similar product but don't need two or more different shapes, our roll labels may be what you are looking for.

Why choose Pixartprinting for custom sticker sheets in the UK?

Pixartprinting's multilingual customer care service ensures you receive all the help you need every time you place an order. 96% of our over 600,000 customers say they are satisfied with our service.