Shelf Displays

Looking for an innovative way to furnish your shop or cafe? Our cardboard shelf displays are bound to attract attention to your products with their functional yet unusual design. Fill the shelves with anything you like – from bottles and books to plants and beauty products.

  • Three models available

Presentation is important

Durable, spacious and stylish: when it comes to furnishings, it's important to choose the best. These honeycomb cardboard shelf displays provide an original way to exhibit your items – customers are sure to appreciate your innovative style.

Unleash your creativity

There are three different types of shelf display available, all 80 x 48 x 170 cm. Choose the model that suits you best:

  1. A display with four wide shelves on three uprights and a large back panel with a header, customisable on one side only.
  2. A model with four spacious shelves and a large back panel with a header, customisable on one side only.
  3. A display with four wide shelves, a back panel with a large space at the side and a header, customisable on one side only.

When should I use them?

Shelf displays are ideal for exhibiting anything and everything! They give your products the style they deserve, and the spacious shelves allow you to show off a large number of items. They are therefore suitable for events, craft fairs and businesses like breweries and bookshops.

Products to complement your shelf display

If you need a display that can be disassembled, but don't want to give up on the originality of cardboard, the Tower Display is what you're looking for. Round off your presentation perfectly with our packaging for the products you'll be putting on display.