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Resin Coated Labels

Resin Coated Labels – characteristics and use

Resin Coated Labels, also known and domed labels are specially designed and created for permanent branding of upmarket outdoor products. Typically, Resin Coated Labels are used in a car and motorcycle industry for permanent logo placements. In addition, resin coated labels are also widely used in construction, furniture and sports industry, coming in handy wherever there is a need for clearly showing logos.

Screen Printed Labels – characteristics and use

Screen printed resin labels are made using screen printing technology, resulting in an exceptionally clear image which is later coated with an epoxy resin. There are 72 shapes available all created in rounded shapes. Screen printed resin labels are marginally more expensive of the two, due to the production technique and exceptional clarity of the finished label.

Digitally Printed Labels – characteristics and use

Digitally printed resin labels are printed in CMYK technology, allowing for a wider range on colours and shapes, and are slightly less expensive than the Screen printed resin labels. Nevertheless both products are of exceptional quality, where the choice of selecting one over the other is purely of personal nature.

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