Custom Size TFS Frame Print

If you already have a frame with specific dimensions, Pixartprinting allows you to create your own print in a custom size. The fabric banner comes with a transparent PVC keder edge for easy installation, so you can change your print whenever you want, to suit the occasion or event.

  • Two materials to choose from

Free to change whenever you like

If you already have a TFS frame and want to change the images you're displaying, Pixartprinting has the solution: a custom size TFS frame print. They are simple and quick to switch, as the keder, a piece of PVC edging sewn around the outside of the print, adds extra thickness to ensure the fabric remains firmly held in place, and with the correct tension.

Choose the right material for you

You can adapt the size of the print to match your frame, from a minimum of 30 x 30 cm to a maximum of 500 x 314 cm (in landscape format) or 314 x 500 cm (in portrait).

You can also decide which material to use. If you are going to backlight your fabric, choose the 100% polyester fabric: it is crease resistant and has a treatment on the reverse that ensures the light is spread evenly. It is printed using UV technology with 12 picolitre fine art print quality, producing extremely accurate details, very dark blacks and bright colours.

The second option, meanwhile, is the fabric with a grey polyamide blackout back, which will ensure that your print is not affected by whatever is located behind the material, producing artwork with even colours.

When should I use them?

The TFS frame prints are extremely easy to use, so you can change the images displayed on your frames quickly (even multiple times throughout the day). They are therefore perfect for events, trade fairs and product launches. You may also find them useful in the office: you will be able to choose the design you want for your rooms each time, creating the optimum environment.

Products to use with the custom size TFS frame print

As well as various TFS frames, we also offer all the types of display item you could possibly want for your business.