POP-UP Banner

Our pop-up banner, with its lightweight yet durable aluminium frame, is easy to assemble in a few simple steps, so you can take your message with you to any indoor or outdoor event. Put it up and pack it away in just a few minutes, and use it for shop openings, sales, conferences, festivals or trade fairs

  • Carry bag included
  • Prints can be ordered separately

POP UP BANNER – Personalised Print

Pop Up Banner Printing

Pop Up Banner Stands are versatile and easily applicable items ideal for indoor advertising or trade fair exhibitions. Pop Up Banner is fully custom printed, including your logo, graphics, images or wordings in order to put across the ideas behind you corporate philosophy. Due to its large image display, Pop Up Bannerwill never let you down, and will certainly make you stand out in the crowd, and give you an advantage in making a stronger impact.

Pop Up Banner graphics

Pop Up Banner is printed on 215g/m2 PVC elastic fabric, which is greatly resistant and has a fabulous colour printed results. Fabric may remain fixed for all future exhibitions or you could request a spare fabrics or a different fabrics to give you an alternative.

Pop Up Banner Set up

Even though Pop Up Banner s rather large it is extremely easy to set-up, as the structure is made from a light, but sturdy aluminum frame. Stands are delivered with the transport wheeled bag, to further facilitate its final use. Due to its easy set up and high impact, these particular stands are also known as Hop Up stands.

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