Economy Roll-up

If your priorities are saving money and making best use of the available space, the Economy Roll-Up is the solution for you: your banner is held by a bar that folds into the small and compact base. Take it with you to trade fairs or events.

  • Four materials to choose from
  • Carry bag included
  • Four different sizes
  • Assembly instructions

Economy roller banners online

Style and speed for your premises

Looking for a simple way to set up your events? Want to use as little storage space as possible?

If so, the Roll-Up Economy is for you, allowing you to create sophisticated environments that are simple to manage. The pole folds up into the base, making it easy to open and close your rollup displays.

The right product for you

You can choose the ideal budget roll up banners for you by selecting the following options:

  1. Product configuration: There are two options available. You can order the entire product (printed fabric and aluminium base) or, if you already have the base, you can just buy a replacement print.
  2. Material: Again, there are two options available. 398 gsm EcoFlat is a semi-rigid multi-layer PVC/PET/PVC fabric, with a smooth surface and grey back. It is ideal for printing banners and rollup displays. The 240 gsm fabric with opaque back, meanwhile, is made of 100% polyester with an opaque grey polyamide back, meaning nothing shows through from behind the fabric. The UV technology and fine art-quality 12-picolitre printing create extremely fine details, very dark blacks and bright colours.
  3. Print dimensions: 60x200 cm, 85x200 cm, 100x200 cm, 150x200 cm.
  4. Printing details: Front only.
  5. Assembly: If you order both the base and the print, you can decide whether you want the banner pre-glued to the base.

Practical economy roller banners

Our budget roll up banners are perfect for sophisticated displays and environments, and are convenient and easy to get ready. After the event, all you have to do is close up the banner and put it away, meaning you can fit lots of rollup displays into a small space. You can also exploit the product's versatility by using it in many other settings, such as furnishing your business premises or advertising your brand in indoor environments.

Products that complement the economy roller banners

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