Cardboard Pop-up Counter

Made of cardboard. Completely customisable and recyclable, modular for easy assembly. Suitable for all indoor promotional events.

This product is currently being updated.
It will be made available as soon as possible. 

The ideal product for any initiative

If you're looking for a practical, original and customisable tool for indoor spaces, cardboard pop-up counters are the perfect choice. They are easy to assemble, are made of lightweight material and boast an innovative look, making them ideal for whatever setup you have in mind. There are two different sizes to choose from: 100 x 36 x 100 cm or 130 x 36 x 100 cm.

Practical applications

The counters are perfect for all types of indoor promotional event, such as launching a new product or campaigns sponsored by your brand, and are highly recommended for displaying promotional materials. However, you can also use them for normal office-based activities, to furnish your work environment with original graphics: your customers are sure to appreciate your attention to detail when it comes to design.

Products to complement the cardboard pop-up counters

We provide all the tools you need to prepare your events. Once you've put your promotional flyers in a counter display and your business cards in the appropriate dispensers, you can place everything on the counters and give the best possible impression of your brand to your customers.