Promotional Boxes

Promotional boxes are a classic, versatile solution designed to suit any type of product. Delivered flat, and easy to assemble in just a few steps, you can choose the size and customise the artwork across the entire outer surface.

  • Lamination available
  • Optional finishes
  • 6 different materials

Promotional Boxes – Pixartprinting

Custom printed promotional boxes

Make a strong, stylish impression with our classic promotional boxes. Available in several different sizes, they can be used to package all kinds of products, from cosmetics and retail products to medical products and even food. Not only is their style simple yet effective, they are delivered flat, saving you space while they are not being used. They are also extremely easy to assemble, so they get a big tick for convenience.

As with all our products, the self-assembly boxes can be customised to your needs, and not only in terms of size. You can add your own logo or graphic design to the promotional cardboard boxes, and even enhance them with special finishes and lamination for an extra-special effect and added protection.

Promotional boxes – Formats and Sizes

Flexibility is key at Pixartprinting, so we aim to offer as many different sizes as possible to cater for a variety of different product types. Firstly, select the preferred width of your self-assembly boxes (between 2 cm and 20 cm) and you will be presented with various options for the depth and height. You’re sure to find the ideal fit for your company’s products.

Promotional boxes – Paper and weight

Our promotional cardboard boxes are made from an ultra-thick paperboard. This is a lightweight material but it is just as sturdy as a heavier cardboard so it is suitable for high-quality products that need a reliable and durable container. The paperboard is matt white with a coating on one side and you can only print on one side of the self-assembly boxes.

Promotional boxes – Special finishes

If you want to add extra emphasis to specific parts of your print or create a shiny metallic effect to attract attention, then take a look at our special finishes below that can be applied to certain areas of the print on one side of the promotional cardboard boxes:

  • Selective varnish: a transparent gloss varnish printed digitally onto the artwork.
  • 3D varnish: an extra-thick transparent varnish that creates a raised effect.
  • Gold foil: a selective gold coating that is digitally hot stamped onto the artwork.
  • Silver foil: a selective silver coating applied using the same process as the gold foil for an eye-catching metallic look.

Promotional boxes – Lamination

There are several benefits to choosing lamination for your self-assembly boxes, however it is optional. Not only does lamination protect the print for longer and help the colours to resist fading but it also produces a professional look and adds more of a personal touch to your promotional boxes. With Pixartprinting, you can add matt, gloss or soft touch lamination to your promotional cardboard boxes. The soft-touch lamination is ultra-matt and produces an elegant, velvety feel that will delight your customers.

Ordering promotional boxes from Pixartprinting

Choose high-quality promotional boxes from Pixartprinting for your products. We make the order process easy with a step-by-step form to follow and prices that update automatically as you select the different options to configure your self-assembly boxes. Where possible, we offer a choice of delivery dates so that you can benefit from lower prices if you are not in a hurry. We also provide Template and Instructions files to help you set your artwork up correctly to ensure the best results.

Our Customer Support team will be happy to help if you have any questions about placing an order for custom promotional cardboard boxes.

Promotional boxes and more

Pixartprinting has a vast range of packaging options for your products, so if the classic promotional boxes are not quite what you are looking for, there is a great variety of boxes for different uses and with different assembly methods, such as Flip-lid Promotional Boxes and Windowed Boxes. Plus, any packaging could be complemented by personalised stickers and labels.