Windowed Boxes

Show everyone what you're capable of: our windowed boxes reveal the contents of your packaging, giving customers a sneak preview of the product. For extra protection and security, you can also add a sheet of clear polypropylene to the cardboard to create a small window onto the product inside.

  • Lamination available

The showcase your products deserve

If you would like the best possible showcase for your small format items, our windowed boxes are an excellent choice. You can adjust the container to meet your needs and make the right boxes for you:

  1. Model: there are three different types available. You can choose the standard format (with manual base assembly), the option with crash-lock base (automatic assembly) or hanging boxes (with manual base assembly and option to hang the box).
  2. Window: if you wish, a transparent PVC sheet can be attached to the paperboard to protect the window of the box.
  3. Size: combining the pre-defined values available in the quote, there are 114 possibilities. The width can be a minimum of 50 mm to a maximum of 200 mm and the depth can range from 25 mm to 200 mm.
  4. Material: 380-gsm SBS paperboard.
  5. Lamination: if you wish, gloss or matt lamination can be applied to the outside.

When should I use them?

Windowed boxes are a stylish way to display any small format item. They can be used to display your products at trade fairs and events, or used in shops such as tobacconists, toy shops or costume jewellery stores.

Use the boxes alongside our other products

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