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Branded paper bags – Custom printed by Pixartprinting

Custom paper bags for retail or personal use

Wholesale orders for printed paper bags are now available online for professional or personal use, in a range of sizes, colours, and finishings, some with fully personalised prints, others with a partial custom print or without. Pixartprinting printed kraft bags are readily available for wholesale or personal use, through a simple and straightforward online ordering process, for small or large orders with a fast turnaround.

Shopping bags – New paper types

Branded paper bags are available in more than 10 different sizes, from XS to XXL, with a selection of paper types depending on your intended use. There are now two new types of paper available for your printed paper bags. Choose the perfect one for your brand. Your logo or message is printed using four-colour printing, which is available with all-over print bags and standard bags.

Kraft 110 gsm paper: a resistant material, ideal for all uses. You can choose from two different colours: white or Havana. With standard printed kraft bags, you can print your own logo or message on specific areas; with premium all-over print bags, you can customise the sides and the writing on the gusset.

Single-side coated 180 gsm paper: this paper is suitable for contact with food. You can use it for bags with a luxury all-over print, and a finish can also be applied (your choice of matt or gloss).

To give your paper bags that final touch, there is a choice of different handles either in paper or rope, or in some cases lamination for extra luxury.

Paper bag range

Our vast selection of paper bags is split into categories for your convenience. Each category has its own page where you can find out more about them and see the different customisation options you can choose from. The categories are as follows:

  • Standard Bags – made from kraft paper, they are available with a wide or narrow base and in a range of colours.
  • All-over Print Bags– with a choice of handles and the option of a reinforced base, these are ideal for heavier objects, and the entire outer surface can be customised.
  • Bag Box – a convenient and elegant combination of a box and a bag with cotton handles.
  • Speciality Paper Bags – a selection of luxury papers gives these bags an added touch of sophistication.
  • Bottle Bags – keep your bottles secure in these sturdy bags with reinforced bases and edges. A choice of five models that will hold one or two bottles.
  • Digitally Printed Bags – choose from three sizes with a central or all-over print and paper handles.
  • Shopping Bag Sample Pack – if you are unsure which paper bags will be right for you, order the sample pack so you can see and touch the bags before buying and test them out with your products.

Printed paper bags - Printing and delivery

As the shopping bags may be fully or partially personalised, in each case template instructions must be strictly followed, delivering outstanding final products.

Standard minimum delivery for all branded paper bags is 7 days and it is included in the total price.

For ideas to complement your custom printed kraft bags, Pixartprinting offers a range of other retail printing services, such as Packaging or Labels, Tags and Roll stickers.

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