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Photo Panels

Our photo panels let you print your photographs or images in extremely high resolution, offering unprecedented results in terms of colours and details. Choose from a range of sizes and three different materials - Foamex, Aluminium or Plexiglas®.

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Decorate your spaces with the high-quality printing offered by our photo panels

Choose Pixartprinting's photo panels and furnish your spaces with style and personality. High-quality printing ensures that you get a sophisticated, professional product to furnish your offices or private spaces in a unique and completely personal way.

Our photo panels are available in five different materials:

  • Forex® 5 mm: a very popular product for advertising as it is versatile, durable and can be reused on many different occasions.
  • Forex® 10 mm: the thickness of this semi-expanded PVC panel makes it solid and resistant. Suitable for both internal and external use, it is perfect for high-quality, durable prints.
  • White aluminium 3 mm: a foamcore panel consisting of white sheets of aluminium on the printable surface and a black sheet inside. As it is weatherproof, this material is particularly well suited to outdoor use, such as for signs, event decoration or promotional panels. Inside, it is an excellent choice for sophisticated prints for exhibitions or shops.
  • Plexiglas® 5 mm: used as an alternative to glass as it is transparent yet resistant and shatter-proof.
  • Plexiglas® 10 mm: even more resistant than the 5-mm version, this transparent support produces bright, sharp colours as light can penetrate the material.

With Pixartprinting, you can choose the format as well as the material. Seven different types of panel are available, including standard, square, 16:9, panorama and many more. You can choose your preferred size for each of these, or choose the customised option, and decide whether to add additional details such as holes in the four corners, spacers or a satin finish.

When should I use them?

If you are looking for a superior-quality material, our photo panels are the ideal product to decorate all your spaces. Add colour to your office walls with a high-quality photo or to a shop interior with striking images that attract the customer's attention. Alternatively, if you wish to decorate a display at an event, consider a more sophisticated material like aluminium. Not only is it resistant, it also gives your products an elegant look.