Photo Products

Customise your home, your space and small everyday objects. Print your favourite photo or your company logo on a vast range of specially designed products, including canvas prints, wall furnishings and a raft of gift-friendly items. Unleash your imagination and start turning your ideas into reality.

A gift that leaves a big impression
Steer clear of cliches and create a stunning, fully customisable gift that will help someone special relive a wonderful memory. Print your photo on canvas or aluminium, on a cushion or backpack, or on one of our numerous other options. Choose the format, the material and the dimensions, and create an original gift.
Canvas prints
A canvas print can furnish your home, make the perfect gift or recall a special moment. Explore all the various sizes, each one suited to a particular subject, and create your print in just a few simple steps.
Bespoke softness
You can now customise both your furniture and your relaxation time! Create the perfect cushion with your favourite photo, image or pattern, and give it to a loved one or use it to add a splash of colour to your home. You can choose from two different sizes – 40 x 40 cm or 50 x 50 cm – and personalise both sides
Exactly how you want them
Our new drawstring bags are simple and versatile, ideal for holding all your everyday items and accessories. Print your photo on the full surface of both sides of the bag.
Give your brand a touch of style
Ensure your brand never goes unnoticed by creating the perfect gift for all your customers: a backpack customised with your logo. Choose the size that suits your business from the various options and give your clients a product they will carry with them for work and play.

Only the best for your displays

Organising exhibitions, festivals and shows requires a great deal of care: the works you present have to be perfect down to the very last detail. With this in mind, we provide you with five different photo products to choose from:

  1. Photo canvas prints: print your images onto these canvas-effect panels, supplied ready-assembled. The materials used, Kapatex and Kapaplast, display a full range of hues and show details with great clarity. This item is available in landscape format in an incredible 33 different predefined sizes.
  2. Photo panels: choose from aluminium, Plexiglas and Foamex to print your extra-high resolution photographs. You can request your own custom dimensions or use those given on the website: if you opt for the predefined sizes, you can also add various accessories.
  3. Canvas prints: this is the most popular product for art prints, with printing also available on the edges. The 350 gsm Canvas material has a similar texture to a painting canvas, while the 200 gsm Shiny Satin has a silky texture. There are two frame sizes available (4 cm and 6 cm) and 14 predefined sizes, although you can also choose your own custom size.
  4. Wall-mounted TFS frames: these aluminium structures have grooves around the outside, into which the print can be inserted thanks to the keder, the PVC edging that makes installation easier. You can choose the orientation of the items, and opt for one of eight available sizes; in addition, once you have bought the frame, you can then order prints on their own for future projects.
  5. HD posters: when you need high print quality, this product is the one to go for. The material from which the posters are made, Ultraphotomatt, is perfect for decorating displays and for use at photography exhibitions. The dimensions are completely customisable, and there are an amazing ten different lamination options to further enhance your item.

When should I use the photo products?

These items are perfect for any type of display: from shows to cultural festivals, they will produce presentations of the highest possible standard. The photo products are suited to any type of situation: for example, you can order them to decorate your business or office with historic images of the company, or print some illustrations to make your workplace a more relaxed place to be.

Prepare the perfect presentation

The photo products will undoubtedly make your premises more stylish. However, you can make them look even better: have a look at our interior decoration section to discover the products that will best spruce up your displays.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I get my photos printed? Pixartprinting is the ideal partner for printing photos on any type of material: photo paper, card, canvas or rigid materials such as aluminium, Forex and Plexiglas. Our online printing service is convenient and affordable; it only takes a few clicks to customise your chosen product and place your order.
  • Where can I get my photos printed on fabric? With Pixartprinting, you can print your photos on canvas for an original and fashionable interior design solution. In a few simple steps, you can print your favourite photos onto canvas prints, selecting your preferred customisation options to make your product unique. The quote form will reveal the price in real time and provide you with an estimated delivery date.
  • How can I print photos on aluminium? Our cutting-edge printing technology enables us to produce high-quality prints on rigid materials such as aluminium, Forex and Plexiglas. This means that you can obtain high-definition photo prints to decorate your spaces or showcase your talent.
  • How can I turn a photo into a poster? On the Pixartprinting website, you can customise a range of products with your photos. Options include Canvas Prints, Photo Panels, Photo Posters, Wall-Mounted TFS Frames and Photo Booth Kits. They are the ideal way to add your own personal touch to your spaces.