Custom Size Photo Posters

If your photos deserve to be printed on a high-quality material, our photo posters are sure to do them justice. The glossy photo paper produces excellent colour performance and crisp detail, making photo posters the perfect choice for exhibitions or interior decoration.

  • Lamination available
  • From just one copy

Cheap poster printing

Send us your photos for stylish yet cheap poster printing

High-quality photo posters are extremely popular due to the fact that expert results can be achieved for little expense. Pixartprinting delivers small and large poster printing incorporating your own design and using the finest paper to ensure that your projects have a professional appearance.

With our online poster printing service, we ensure that every poster is made-to-measure and expresses your brand or company in the required manner. Regardless of the size of your project, Pixartprinting can deliver your merchandise in as little as 48 hours, all for competitive prices

Large poster printing

To accommodate our customers’ needs, Pixartprinting delivers customised photo posters in all sizes. However, please note that for posters less than 1 square metre surface area the price will be rounded up to 1 square metre.

A choice of two types of paper is available. Our high-quality photo paper and our premium-quality photo paper are extremely durable and weigh 220 gsm. High-quality paper will have photographs printed at a resolution of 1440 dpi, while customers who chose the premium-quality paper will benefit from a print resolution of 2880 dpi.

The photos can be finished with one of nine different lamination options or you can opt for no lamination at all. Lamination helps to protect the print, making it last longer, and also offers other benefits:

  • Standard matt: reduces glare for improved visibility
  • Standard gloss: highlights contrasting colours for a striking effect
  • UV filter 2 matt: a matt effect with a category 2 UV filter for added colour durability
  • UV filter 2 gloss: a gloss effect with a category 2 UV filter for added colour durability
  • UV filter 5 matt: a matt effect with a category 5 UV filter to help the colour resist fading
  • UV filter 5 gloss: a gloss effect with a category 5 UV filter to help the colour resist fading
  • Ultra comfortable opaque: for improved handling
  • Polymeric gloss: 80 micron polymeric lamination
  • Cast UV/Scratch-resistant gloss: self-repairing in the event of scratches, ideal for busy environments

Online poster printing

Once you have selected the size, material, finish and quantity, the quote form will update to offer you any available delivery dates and their corresponding prices, with a more distant delivery date usually at a discounted price. This means that you can choose the most suitable option based on your budget and project timeframe.

Then you can upload your graphic file via our Pixartprinting online ordering form or send it via post. Towards the end of the form, you will find a section containing instructions and a template to help you ensure that your artwork is ready for us to print. If you require assistance with your graphics file, Pixartprinting provides a file verification service performed by our professional Graphic Designers for a small surcharge.

For information on all other subjects regarding your large poster printing project, including deliveries and the ordering process, please visit our FAQ page or contact our Support Service.

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