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Once you've tried our versatile and customisable fabric banners, suited to any environment, you'll wonder how you ever coped without them. You can use any space, whether inside or outside, to promote your brand and ensure you are always visible to your customers.

Pixartprinting offers you the perfect fabric banners for your brand at low prices and with speedy delivery.

Print the perfect banners for you

Thanks to our wide range of customisation options, you can put together fabric banners that match your aims perfectly.

  1. Material: You have three options. The 100% polyester fabric has been treated to make it crease resistant and fire resistant, and is printed in six colours at a resolution of 720 x 720 dpi. it lasts up to 2 years outdoors, and is washable. The windproof outdoor fabric, which is similarly durable outside, is a long-lasting, tough and wind-resistant fabric for flags with a loose weave. It is printed in six colours with a resolution of 600 dpi. Finally, the deluxe indoor fabric is a high-quality, compact fabric, which is suitable for use outdoors for brief periods (up to 30 days). It is perfect for producing elegant, wash-resistant flags, and is printed in six colours with a resolution of 600 dpi.
  2. Size: The banners have minimum dimensions of 50 x 50 cm, but you can choose larger sizes to suit your requirements.
  3. Orientaton: You can choose between portrait and landscape.
  4. Printing details: Front only.
  5. Cutting method: Square-cut edges.
  6. Accessories: There are four options available. The high-strength polycarbonate eyelets, with a 2.3 cm diameter, are useful for tying the banner with ropes or cables: a reinforced seam is required if you want to include them in your design. The fabric pullbacks, meanwhile, are 15 cm long and are used for fastening the flag onto ropes or poles. In this case, we recommend combining them with the 'reinforced seam' option. The hooks are made of white plastic with a white cotton ribbon, and measure 2.5 x 4.7 cm (excluding the fabric) with a 1 x 2.4 cm hole. The final option is to not have any accessories at all.
  7. Reinforced stitching: This can be applied wherever you like. You can add it on a side of your choice (top, bottom, left or right), on two sides (top and bottom or left and right) or around the entire perimeter.
  8. Pole pocket: An optional extra, which you can add on a side of your choice (top, bottom, left or right), or on two sides (top and bottom or left and right).
  9. 27 mm double stitched reinforced seam: if you go for this option, it must be applied around the entire perimeter.

Practical applications

Thanks to their adaptability and wide range of customisation options, fabric banners are ideal for various uses. For example, you can use them for specific events such as sporting fixtures or charity events sponsored by your brand, company parties, outdoor festivals and product launches. When ordered in large sizes, they can increase your visibility at trade fairs and events.

Products to complement the fabric banners

If you're interested in promoting your brand outside, our feather flags may be useful. Posters are also a great way to promote your business. Finally, if you are pressed for time but still want to print our banners, you can opt for a preconfigured banner.

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- Check the orientation of the back and front
- Check PDF files for magazines and catalogues: spine dimension and cover file
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Delivery dates only take into consideration Italian holidays: New Year’s Day, 6th Jan, 25th Apr, 1st May, 2nd June, 15th Aug, 1st Nov, 8th Dec, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

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The professional file check includes:
- Check the resolution is not below 70 dpi
- Check there are no white overprints and correct them
- Check the distance of the graphic design from the safe area
- Check the graphic design is within the safe area
- Check the orientation of the back and front
- Check PDF files for magazines and catalogues: spine dimension and cover file
- Check the graphic layout is correct if folds are required

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The Instructions file contains all the information you need to create a print-ready file.

Send the file and track the printing process.
If the uploaded file does not comply with the rules it will not be sent for printing, which may postpone the delivery date.
Non-compliant files require action on your part - you will be sent a notification email to the address linked to your Pixartprinting account. Check your emails frequently to remain up-to-date.

Your goods will be delivered by one of the following couriers:

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Products sent in large packages may require couriers to organise a special delivery service, thus postponing the delivery date.

We do not offer delivery to trade fair areas or events: we therefore cannot guarantee delivery if a trade fair address is chosen or accept responsibility for any missing deliveries.

Tips for the preparation and printing of your file

When printing large format materials, the optimal resolution for files in 1:1 scale is 100 dpi.
If any side of the product is greater than 5m in length, the file will have to be produced in 1:10 scale
with a resolution of 1000 dpi.
Our checking procedure blocks files with a resolution below 72 dpi.
Please send us a PDF, JPEG or TIFF file with the following features:
Base: #base#
Height: #altezza#
Use the template to create your file correctly, and do not add crop marks.

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