Beer Labels

Even beer bottles have their own special labels, printed on materials that are resistant to liquids and oil stains. Choose from our vast range of eco-friendly papers, and create labels that epitomise your product.

  • 18 materials to choose from
  • Suitable for automatic labelling machines
  • Short print runs available

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Beer label printing – the choice is yours

Have you designed the right logo to promote your beer but don't know how to print it?

Take advantage of our wide range of customisation options including beer label size, and print your preferred quantity of beer labels at affordable prices with a quick turnaround.

Create your ideal printed beer labels

Pixartprinting offers a number of printing options to meet your needs:

  1. Format: we offer three pre-defined shapes: circular, square or rectangular. You can also customise the beer label size and cut, following the instructions on the page. There is also a choice of dimensions available for your beer labels, ranging from 1 x 1 cm to 30 x 30 cm.
  2. Material: 11 different materials are available for your custom printed beer labels but two of them are particularly well suited to beer label printing. The uncoated Natural White Paper sticks well to damp surfaces at low temperatures; it has been specially designed for glass containers, offering excellent resistance to immersion in water or ice. The vegetable fibre hay paper, on the other hand, is perfect for striking labels that will be used in cold, damp conditions. There are also another nine types of paper available for beer labels: Black Pulp-Dyed Paper, Natural Greaseproof, Laid Greaseproof, Betulla Laid Paper, Polypropylene White, Polypropylene Transparent, Classic Coated, Classic Uncoated and Satin Paper.
  3. Output direction: there are four possibilities to choose from: 0°, 90°, 180° or -90°.
  4. Distance between labels: the minimum distance is 0.8 cm.
  5. Inside diameter of the reel: 76 mm.
  6. Number of rolls: there are four options to choose from: one roll 33 cm high, two rolls 16.5 cm high, three rolls 11 cm high or six rolls 5.5 cm high.
  7. Label cutting method: Kiss Cut with backing left on. Only the adhesive material is cut and not the backing support, making it easy to peel off (especially with small labels).
  8. White printing: selective white printing is available on some special paper types.
  9. Finish: Labellife 3 scratch-resistant varnish.