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Personalised envelopes - custom printed size C6/5, C5, C4 and more

Personalised envelopes – The importance of branding

Custom envelopes are an excellent way to get noticed and recognised through the post. Not only do they show that you take your branding and communications seriously and have a professional approach, customers will also recognise your communications instantly when they come in custom printed envelopes.

Pixartprinting offers an exclusive envelope printing service so that you can create your ideal envelopes featuring your logos, images, graphics and wordings in a wide range of envelope sizes. We use state-of-the-art digital and offset technology in order to provide premium envelopes and a fast turnaround. For sealed envelopes, we use extra-resistant glue to ensure that once they are sealed, they cannot be opened and resealed.

Printed envelopes - Types

Pixartprinting has a wide range of envelopes and mailing bags to choose from. These are summarised below and there is further information about each category on the relevant pages, as well as a simple quote form that will help you order your personalised envelopes in no time. If you are struggling to decide, why not order our envelope sample pack and see the quality and characteristics of each before you make your decision?

Here’s what Pixartprinting has to offer:

  • Business Envelopes: classic, non-transparent envelopes on 120 gsm uncoated paper in a range of a sizes, with a resistant glued flap and optional window.
  • Pocket Envelopes: non-transparent with an adhesive flap available in two sizes with or without a window.
  • Full Colour Envelopes: really catch the eye with a customised full-colour envelope sized 11 x 23 cm and made from 115 gsm matt coated paper.
  • Postage Envelopes: ideal for franking machines and digital mailing systems, with the option of printing on the front and back.
  • Cardboard Envelopes: made from 360 gsm cardboard, these envelopes are extra-durable and are sure to keep the contents secure, whilst the tear strip facilitates opening.
  • Plastic Mailing Bags: polyethylene mailing bags for those who need more flexibility for bulkier products. Available in a range of colours with optional handle.
  • Coloured Plastic Mailing Bags: make an impact with these colourful mailing bags in either yellow, green or grey. Made from waterproof polyethylene, they are durable and have a tear-resistant fastening.
  • Tyvek® Envelopes: tear and static-resistant waterproof envelopes for added security, ideal for special deliveries. Expansion option available.
  • Print and envelope enclosing: print customised 21 x 10 cm invitation cards and custom envelopes in one size (22.9 x 11.4 cm) and we will enclose them in the printed envelopes for you and deliver to you to mail out. A great envelope printing service that will save you time and free up your resources.

Ordering your personalised envelopes

To accommodate your requirements, your business envelopes can be ordered in quantities as little as 500 or as large as 50,000. When preparing your artwork, please check the instructions and template that are available to download. If you would like to ensure that your files are set up correctly, our Graphic Designers can perform a full verification check for a small surcharge.

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