Labels and Stickers Sample Pack

A classic design or a special finish? Paper or plastic? To help you choose the perfect label or sticker for your project, we created this sample pack of our roll labels and stickers. See all the models up close and order the ones that best suit you and your customers.

Play it safe with the Labels and Stickers Sample Pack

Would you like to use labels and stickers to advertise your products but have no idea which material would be best? Our sample pack will remove all your doubt. We provide 20 adhesive materials so that you can decide which is the perfect type of label for you.

A wide selection in the sample pack

You can find 20 types of adhesive material in the pack, each with its own unique characteristics, which we have listed below.

  1. Polypropylene Deluxe White: suitable for many uses. Thanks to the gloss coating, it is scratch- and UV-resistant, and lasts up to 1 year outdoors. A special finish version of this adhesive material is also available in the sample pack.
  2. Polypropylene Deluxe Transparent: this is available mirror-printed, so that it can also be seen from outside through a glass surface.
  3. Polypropylene Deluxe Silver: this is particularly recommended for flexible containers for bodycare, cosmetics and food products.
  4. Refix Electrostatic Transparent: a film treated to adhere electrostatically to smooth surfaces such as metal or windows. It is 100% recyclable, PVC free and can be repositioned multiple times without leaving a mark.
  5. Coated paper: it is easy to apply to curved surfaces and packaging materials such as cardboard or plastic wraps.
  6. Removable coated paper: not only is it easy to apply to any type of surface but it is also easy to reposition without leaving glue residue.
  7. Uncoated paper: a versatile type of paper, recommended for products kept indoors. You can also write on the surface as it is varnish-free.
  8. Natural White paper: the fact that it is so easy to apply makes this material ideal for customising any products kept indoors.
  9. Natural Greaseproof paper: its protective greaseproof coating makes it resistant to staining. Therefore, it is particularly suited to labelling products that contain oil and vegetable fats.
  10. Betulla Laid Paper: treated for mould and damp resistance, this material attaches to damp surfaces, even at low temperatures. It is therefore the ideal paper for high-end products such as wines and luxury items.
  11. Laid Greaseproof Paper: particularly well-suited to the food and wine industries thanks to the stain-resistant treatment. Its excellent resistance when immersed in water and ice makes this paper ideal for glass containers.
  12. Satin paper: this material is suitable for use in the wine-making and luxury sectors and for formal occasions. The special finish version is also available in the sample pack.
  13. Black Pulp-Dyed Paper: this type of paper is ideal for more refined, sophisticated products, for use on dark containers or dark glass. It adheres well to damp surfaces (even at low temperatures) and withstands immersion in water and ice.
  14. Resin-Domed Self-Adhesive Vinyl: it is flexible, making it perfect for use on flat or curved surfaces, regardless of the environment (indoor or outdoor) it is used in.
  15. Felt-Marked Paper: ideal for labelling cosmetics, wine, spirits and premium products. It also has an antifungal treatment.
  16. Oil-Resistant Coated Paper: a material treated to make it oil-resistant, ideal for labelling products in the Food & Beverage sector (such as bottles and jars).
  17. Glossy Coated Paper: easy to apply to curved surfaces and packaging materials such as cardboard or plastic wraps.
  18. Metallic Silver Paper: a fully opaque material recommended for labelling cosmetics, wine, spirits and premium products.

The right sample pack for every type of product

You can not only securely place online orders for labels and stickers - there is also a sample pack for 8 other types of material. Once you've chosen the right material for you, you can order the perfect labels for your business.