Plastic Labels

Plastic labels are the ideal solution if you want a strong and durable way to customise your products. The three materials feature a gloss lamination that provides protection from scratches and UV light, making the labels perfect for use outdoors.

  • 5 materials to choose from
  • Suitable for automatic labelling machines
  • Short print runs available

Plastic label printing: the right plastic labels for all conditions

If you're looking for a durable and versatile label, you've come to the right place. Advertise your product and brand with eye-catching labels customised with your own design. The labels can be applied to multiple surfaces and are resistant enough for outdoor use. They can be used in automatic labelling machines so are ideal for bulk plastic label printing, but short print runs are also available.

Print plastic labels featuring your design

At Pixartprinting, customisation is our speciality. We provide a flexible plastic label printing service, designed to offer you as many ways as possible to personalise your plastic labels. The options are listed below, but the way to really put your own stamp on your labels is by adding your own graphics to them. You could opt for your company logo, product branding or eye-catching images – you’re free to unleash your creativity! By customising your plastic labels with your own graphics, your products will be instantly recognisable to existing customers and will draw in new customers with an appealing design.

Durable and waterproof plastic labels

You can create the perfect plastic labels for your business, choosing from the following options:

  1. Size: you can unleash your creativity and customise the size and shape to get an original label. There are also three pre-defined shapes to choose from (circular, square or rectangular). The size range is also very broad, allowing you to create labels measuring between a minimum of 1x1 cm and a maximum of 30x30 cm.
  2. Material: there are three materials available for plastic label printing, all of which are UV and scratch resistant with a gloss coating: Polypropylene Deluxe White, Polypropylene Deluxe Transparent and Polypropylene Deluxe Silver.
  3. Output direction: there are four options available: 0°, 90°, 180° or -90°.
  4. Distance between the labels: each label must be at least 0.4 cm from the others.
  5. Inside diameter of the reel: 76 mm.
  6. Number of rolls: there are four options to choose from. You can use one roll 33 cm high, two rolls 16.5 cm high, three rolls 11 cm high or six rolls 5.5 cm high.
  7. Label cutting method: Kiss Cut with backing left on.
  8. Finish: Labellife 3 scratch-resistant varnish.

Special finishes for plastic labels

There are various finishes and special finishes that can be applied to your plastic labels, which vary depending on the material that you select. The special finishes include:

  • Selective varnish: an extra-thick, transparent coating that is applied to certain areas to make them stand out, creating an embossed feel
  • Gold or silver foil: gold or silver foil is hot stamped onto selected areas to enhance them

You can print plastic labels and add extra finishes for protection:

  • Labellife 3 anti-scratch varnish: a gloss coating that protects the plastic labels from scratches and UV light
  • Matt or gloss lamination: choose a matt or gloss coating to protect the labels and keep the colours bright

Pixartprinting: your trusted plastic label printer

Pixartprinting uses the latest printing technology and carefully researches materials to ensure that your plastic labels are of the highest quality. With over 25 years’ experience in the printing industry and over 1 million customers, you can be sure that you are buying from a reliable plastic label printer.

We aim to make plastic label printing as easy as possible with our clear and intuitive order form. As you select your preferred customisation options, the price and delivery dates update in real time, so you can track how your choices are affecting the cost and turnaround time as you go. Delivery is available in as little as 48 hours with our fast and free shipping service, and multiple delivery dates are offered where possible for your convenience.

If you have any questions about out the plastic labels or placing your order, we have a friendly Customer Support team on hand to help.

Print plastic labels and more

Not only can you print plastic labels with Pixartprinting, but we also have a full range of labels for a variety of uses, such as Beer Labels, Paper Labels and Cosmetic and Bodycare Labels. If you are also looking for customisable Packaging for your products, explore the options available ranging from Cardboard Packaging to Bottle Packaging and Flexible Packaging.