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Attach your labels everywhere

To make your products stand out and ensure they are instantly recognisable, you need versatile stickers that suit the item to which they are being applied. Pixartprinting's roll labels allow you to put your logo on any type of material: choose from our vast range of labels (nine in total) to find the perfect solution for your products.

  1. Classic roll labels: this type of label offers you a choice of 13 different materials. It is a standard label, which can be used on any type of material.
  2. Special finish labels: these are ideal for more stylish products, thanks to the hot foil stamping (available in gold or silver) and the option to add a matt protective coating.
  3. Cosmetic and bodycare labels: these labels are highly moisture-resistant and with strong adhesion. They are perfect for embellishing beauty products and catching the eye of customers.
  4. Food packaging labels: these labels are designed for the food and drink sector, thanks to their resistance to the various conditions in which these items are stored.
  5. Wine and spirit labels: these labels are damp- and stain-resistant, and designed to cope with the low temperatures at which certain types of drink are stored.
  6. Beer labels: these oil- and grease-resistant labels are perfect for giving your bottles an original look.
  7. Plastic labels: attach these to any material, anywhere: they are even suitable for outdoor use.
  8. Paper labels: these labels are suitable for any situation, with nine materials to choose from to decorate your items.
  9. Repositionable labels: the low level of adhesion of these labels means you can peel them off your product without leaving any residue.

The size of the labels can be anywhere between a minimum of 1 x 1 cm and a maximum of 30 x 30 cm, and you can either choose one of our preset shapes or create your own custom design. In addition, there is always a choice of materials for your labels: from a minimum choice of two to a maximum of 13, depending on the item you are ordering.

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It is vital that your products are labelled immaculately: a tidy appearance alongside (depending on their use) originality or style is more likely to grab customers' attention. You may therefore also find our tags and stickers useful.

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