Advertising Banners

We offer nine different types of advertising banners to print your message large. Choose the material that best suits your project and setting, and get yourself noticed!

Banner Printing - Large Format

Banner Printing

Get your message across to a wider audience with Advertising Banners that can be customised to your requirements and get your brand noticed. Ideal for advertising an event or store, Pixartprinting has a variety of durable banners suitable for outdoor use so you can promote your business or event to passers-by.

Advertising banners attract a lot of attention, which means that is important that they are of the highest quality with designs printed in pristine condition. Pixartprinting delivers a wide range of banners in several materials, including mesh banners and banners for backlighting.

Choosing your custom banners

With so many banners to choose from, we have divided them into categories to make the ordering process even simpler for you. Each category has its own dedicated page where you can find out further details, choose your customisation options and place your order. Here’s a brief guide to our categories to get you started:

  • PVC Banners: durable and weatherproof, making them ideal for outdoor advertising, there is a choice of four sizes or you can enter your own dimensions. Reinforcement and eyelets included.
  • Mesh Banners: PVC mesh banners designed to cover large areas such as scaffolding or billboards. The perforations allow wind to pass through so they can withstand strong winds and won’t take off!
  • Non-Woven Fabric Banners: lightweight and disposable, they are a cost-effective solution for indoor use or last up to two weeks outdoors. Printing on the front only with square-cut edges.
  • Fabric Banners: a choice of three materials: 235 gsm 100% polyester; 115 gsm windproof outdoor fabric; or 130 gsm deluxe indoor fabric. You choose the dimensions.
  • Banners for Backlighting: two material options for striking banners for use in backlit displays, with bright, strong colours.
  • Double-Sided Banners: need more space for your advertising? Then print on the front and back of these multi-layer, weatherproof banners. They can be cut to shape or come with square-cut edges.
  • Blockout Banners: a choice of two materials that stop light from passing through to ensure that your message and graphics can always be seen clearly. The eco-friendly option.
  • Windproof Banners: make sure your banners stay put with our windproof banners in either PVC mesh or windproof outdoor fabric, designed for use in windy conditions such as on scaffolding.
  • Banners for Barriers: brighten up your barriers with a choice of three materials and three formats, cut to shape and printed on the front and back.
  • Flags and Synthetic Fabrics: five materials available including polyester, deluxe indoor fabric and windproof outdoor fabric.

If you prefer to see a range of fabrics all in one place, choose the All Materials section, and if you are struggling to decide, order the Advertising Banner Sample Pack and we will send you a voucher to refund the cost.

Banner Customisation

Advertising banners can be printed in either landscape or portrait orientation with dimensions of up to 300 cm x 1000 cm. For projects of a larger scale, designs will be printed on two or more pieces and heat-welded together to ensure durability. Pixartprinting provides 8 banner materials to choose from including those printed in HD quality, which can also be cut to shape. Our banners also come with the option to include sleeves or eyelets so assembly can be completed quickly.

For customers requiring banners with eyelets, our online form advises the optimal amount in accordance with the dimensions of your project. Perimetric reinforcement ensures that banners will not tear around eyelets or buttonholes and guarantees longevity. For more information on our banner printing services, please visit our FAQ section or call our Customer Care team.

Banners - Delivery

Whether you require banner printing for birthdays, parties or advertising, Pixartprinting can deliver your products in as little as 48 hours. We accept multiple forms of payment including credit and debit cards, PayPal and bank transfers. To ensure a fast turnaround, please place your order before 17:00, upload the graphic file by 17:30 and complete payment by 18:30.

Pixartprinting offers a file verification service performed by professional Graphic Designers for a small surcharge. We also generate online Pixartprinting accounts for all customers to enable monitoring of order progress and faster purchasing for future orders.

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