Wine and Spirit Labels

Give your bottles the perfect look with our wine and spirit labels. Resistant to liquid, they ensure your artwork remains intact if immersed in water or ice, and maintain good adhesion even in contact with damp surfaces. Make your wine, spirit or soft drink stand out on the shelf.

  • 21 materials to choose from
  • Suitable for automatic labelling machines
  • Short print runs available

Bottle label printing

Customisable bottle label printing

With Pixartprinting’s high-quality wine label printing service, you can use your own ideas and build the ideal custom bottle labels for your business. The custom wine labels are ideal for wines and spirits as they are water-resistant, so even if your bottles are immersed in water for some time, the labels will still adhere to the bottles and your graphics will not fade.

Create a unique look for your drinks products by attaching labels to your bottles that are distinctive to your brand, enticing customers to choose your products over others. With so many materials, shapes and finishes available, you can really put your own stamp on the bottle labels.

Bottle label printing materials

Our custom wine labels are available in 11 different materials. These are split into two categories: self-adhesive paper and self-adhesive plastic.

  • Self-adhesive papers:
  • Satin paper: one of the most ideal papers for wine label printing, it has a sophisticated, pearly white appearance, resembling satin
  • Felt-effect greaseproof paper: this paper has a rough surface and a greaseproof coating
  • Natural white paper: a white, natural paper suitable for a range of products
  • Uncoated paper: a simple, white, uncoated paper that can be written on
  • Gold paper: a glossy, laminated paper with a striking metallic effect
  • Black pulp-dyed paper: another paper that is particularly well suited to custom bottle labels, it adheres well to damp bottles even at low temperatures and it is resistant to immersion in water and ice
  • Betulla laid paper: this 100% cellulose paper is treated for mould and damp resistance so it is ideal for wine label printing
  • Coated paper: a white, glossy coated paper that can be applied to curved surfaces
  • Hay paper: made from grass fibres, this paper has a yellowy-brown colour and imperfections in the pulp, creating a rustic, environmentally friendly look
  • When it comes to self-adhesive plastics, there are two options available, both of which are durable and glossy: deluxe white polypropylene and deluxe transparent polypropylene.

Bottle label printing formats and sizes

You are free to be creative with the size and shape of your custom wine labels. You can choose the custom option or select round, square or rectangular labels. Then, simply enter your preferred dimensions in the box below.

Special finishes for custom bottle labels

Special finishes are available for certain types of paper but not all of them, so remember to factor this into your choice of paper. If you would like to add a special finish to your custom wine labels, the options you can choose from are a 3D varnish or a gold or silver foil. The 3D varnish adds an embossed effect to certain areas of your graphics, highlighting them, while the gold and silver foils create an eye-catching metallic look.

High-quality bottle label printing by Pixartprinting

Get a free quote for wine label printing in just a few simple steps. The quote form is clearly laid out to enable you to configure your custom wine labels easily. You will then be provided with a variety of quantities, prices and delivery dates to choose from. Later dates come with significant cost savings so it pays to be organised!

We provide useful documents in Step 3 containing instructions on how to set your print file up correctly and we offer a professional file check for added peace of mind if that is something that interests you.

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