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Long run magazine printing for delivery by post

Pixartprinting offers long run printing solutions for personalised promotional, informational and commercial magazines for delivery by post. Choose from a wide range of magazines and brochures designed for long print runs, printed on lightweight paper, making them ideal for delivery by post.

Specific types of paper are deliberately chosen for long run printing for delivery by post because they are both lightweight and resistant, making them ideal for door-to-door distribution or delivery by post.

Which products can I order?

Our long run magazine printing service offers four print options:

  1. Dot-glued brochure: an A4 brochure with a maximum of 32 sides, self-covered (when the paper used for the cover is the same weight as the inside pages) and made from extremely lightweight paper bound with a glue dot.
  2. Tabloid brochure: self-cover folded brochure with A3 sides, printed on lightweight paper and folded into A4 format for delivery. Available with four or eight A3 sides.
  3. Perfect binding for long runs: perfect-bound magazine made from lightweight paper. Available in A4 or A5 format with a gloss laminated cover.
  4. Stapled binding for long runs: staple-bound magazine made from lightweight paper. Available in A4 or A5 format, self-cover or with a gloss laminated cover.

Why choose Pixartprinting's magazines for long print runs?

Our magazines for long print runs are extremely lightweight to keep delivery costs down. The specific lightweight paper used means that they weigh much less than other types of magazine. Plus, if you are printing them for leafleting, their weight makes them easy to transport.

Depending on the model, you can choose which type of paper to use, the size of the magazine and the number of pages to print, whether it is a single sheet you require or a 100-page magazine.

The Dot-Glued and Tabloid models are delivered in a strap or held together by a plastic tie. This makes it easy for you to redistribute them to your recipients instantly in large quantities.

A large supermarket, a shop, an airline magazine, a department store's monthly offers or a catalogue for delivery by post or distribution at events - these are all examples of ways in which Pixartpring can help you to print your magazines for long print runs and magazines for delivery by post at unique and competitive prices.

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