Fully customisable 5.5 x 15 cm and 5.5 x 21 cm bookmarks, available in a range of heavy papers. Perfect as a free gift to give to customers with books or other purchases.

  • This product is FSC® certified

Customised bookmarks: small yet effective

Looking for a versatile and lightweight tool to ensure your customers remember you? Pixartprinting's bookmarks are what you need, making a perfect keepsake or free gift. You can print customised bookmarks featuring your company logo or artwork, and create memorable and useful promotional tools for your business. They can be placed near the till in your shop, distributed at trade fairs and events or sent out in the post to remind your customers of you.

Customised bookmarks printing

Thanks to Pixartprinting's wide range of customisation options, you can put together the perfect bookmarks to promote your business. They measure 5.5 x 21 cm or 5.5 x 15 cm and are printed in portrait, with several aspects that can be customised:

  • Paper: bookmarks printing is available on seven different types of paper. If you want long-lasting bookmarks, Classic Demimatt - Matt Coated and Classic Gloss - Gloss Coated are the ideal choice. For luxury bookmarks, meanwhile, Rembrandt Stipple Textured Uncoated paper and Turner Orange Peel Texture paper are perfect. There are also four other types of paper available: Extraprint Brilliant White Smooth Uncoated, Underwood Woodstock Birch, Ice White - Brilliant with Uncoated Linen Finish and Recycled Paper.
  • Lamination: lamination is optional and can be applied to the front only or the front and back. You can add extra protection to the print on your customised bookmarks with a choice of matt lamination or soft touch lamination.
  • Printing details: You can decide whether to print on just the front or on the front and back. The two sides can be either identical or different – it's up to you!

Ordering customised bookmarks printing

Customised bookmarks can be ordered in just a few clicks! Choose from the customisation options available on the step-by-step form, then select your preferred delivery date and price from those provided in real time. The customised bookmarks are available in runs from 250 units to 10,000!

Next, choose a delivery method for your file. You can upload your own artwork or use our online Designer tool to create your file. Please download the template and instructions before uploading your file in the Upload Area. If you have any problems, our Customer Support team will be happy to help.

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