Sewn-bound diaries

Our high-quality sewn-bound diaries are simple but effective, providing 144 pages for you to make notes and jot down appointments. Customise yours with your brand or artwork and use them every day in the office to organise your time. They also make a perfect gift for customers.

  • Four sizes to choose from
  • Create your own bespoke layout

Make your own Diary with Pixartprinting

Diaries are extremely personal as they contain reminders about appointments and events as well as private information. This means that no two diaries are the same, and with Pixartprinting you can make your personal diaries even more individual by applying your own graphic design.

Choose from either the City Style designs which are printed on splendorgel paper to give your product a prestigious feel, or an Eco Style design printed on underwood paper which has a more retro appearance. Both styles are made using the most advanced technology and inks to ensure that our customers receive their ideal print run.

Pixartprinting Personal Diaries

Whether you choose an Eco or City Style printable diary you will be able to personalise your final product with one of six designs, each of which can be further customised with your own logo. No matter which design you choose our customers can benefit from a free template which includes information concerning margins and bleed lines.

Each Eco Style diary is printed using paper weighing 110gsm for the interior pages and 260gsm for the cover. For City Style diaries Pixartprinting uses paper weighing 115gsm for the interior pages and 300gsm for the cover. If you have any queries concerning the paper types and weights used for personal diaries please visit our FAQ page or contact our Support Service.

Printable Diary Delivery

With Pixartprinting you can create your own diary for competitive prices and be sure that you will receive products of the highest quality. Each printable diary includes a weekly calendar, yearly calendar and an address book providing value for money and adaptability.

When ordering your printable diary please ensure that we receive your order by 17:00, the graphic file is uploaded by 17:30 and payment is received by 18:30 in order to ensure a fast turnaround. Pixartprinting accepts various forms of payments including PayPal, credit and debit cards and bank transfers.

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