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Frame your brand the right way

Advertising displays are ideal for decorating your premises and showing off your product or message stylishly and effectively. These frames are original design objects, perfect for displaying advertising messages in offices or company headquarters or at trade fair stands. These are not run-of-the-mill displays; they are sophisticated advertising media that are sure to have a significant impact.

The advertising displays comprise a printed design inside a frame made of four aluminium profiles, with special grooves to keep it under tension. The printed designs come with a transparent PVC keder edge for easy installation.

Pixartprinting's tension fabric frames are the best way to make your brand stand out, whatever the context.

Three models, infinite designs

You can choose from a range of advertising display models, for communication that is sure to make an impression:

  • Freestanding TFS Frame: two models (single-sided or double-sided), four sizes
  • Backlit Freestanding TFS frame: two models (single-sided or double-sided), four sizes
  • Wall-mounted TFS Frame: 8 sizes, available in either landscape or portrait format

For all three advertising display models you can either order both the structure and the fabric, or just the printed fabric. This means you can keep the same frame and simply change the designs, for a new look and message whenever you want. Advertise a new menu or a new product or attract customers to your shop during the sales with a striking frame, or instead choose a backlit model for a shop window that continues to amaze passers-by even at night.

When should I use them?

Exhibition stands, offices, shop windows and exhibition spaces are all ideal locations for these tension fabric advertising displays.

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