Flip Lid Promotional Boxes

Flip lid promotional boxes are a sophisticated packaging solution with a front-opening, treasure chest design, offering a surprise effect during unboxing. They are perfect for cosmetics, small clothing accessories or, in the smallest size, as original business card holders.

  • Lamination available
  • Optional finishes
  • 6 different materials
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This product is FSC ™ certified
FSC ™ certification guarantees that these products are printed on materials sourced from forests that comply with rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.

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Gift box with lid printing - Pixartprinting

Custom printed gift box with lid for products or food

Flip lid promotional boxes are a great way to package up your products for sale, whether they are food, clothes, business cards or any retail item. The rectangle gift boxes with lids create a special unboxing moment that increases the recipient’s anticipation and subsequent satisfaction with the product or gift.

They can be fully personalised to speak for you, in terms of size, colours, images and wordings. Thus, you can ensure that your custom gift boxes with lids reflect your own style or your company branding.

Gift box with lid – Format and sizes

When customising your rectangle gift boxes with lids, you can choose from 12 different widths, ranging from 8 cm to 22 cm; the depth will then be generated automatically. They all have the same rectangular shape, which makes them a popular choice for a number of different products such as cupcake boxes, shop packaging or any retail product which could be boxed up and prepared for sale.

Cardboard gift boxes with lids

Our cardboard gift boxes with lids are made from ultra-thick paperboard weighing 360 gsm. It is light but durable and is suitable for a range of packaging requirements, particularly popular in the cosmetic and confectionery sectors. This matt paperboard is coated on one side and can only be printed on the front.

The custom gift boxes with lids can also be enhanced further by a variety of lamination options and special finishes.

Add a special finish to your gift box with lid

Adding a special finish to your cardboard gift boxes with lids is an effective way to attract more attention and enhance certain details of your print. With Pixartprinting, there are four special finishes that you can apply to your rectangle gift boxes with lids:

  • Selective varnish – a transparent coating applied to certain areas for a gloss effect
  • 3D varnish – an extra-thick transparent varnish that creates an embossed effect to highlight certain parts
  • Gold foil – a selective gold coating that is digitally hot stamped onto specific details to make them stand out
  • Silver foil – a selective silver coating that is digitally hot stamped onto parts of the print to emphasise them

Please note that the special finishes can only be applied to one side of your gift box with lid.

Protect your gift box with lid with lamination

Lamination both enhances and protects the print on your rectangle gift boxes with lids. There are three options to choose from: matt lamination, gloss lamination and soft touch lamination. The matt and gloss coatings make the colours less susceptible to fading over time, while the soft touch lamination has an ultra-matt effect with a velvety finish for a smooth look.

Ordering custom gift boxes with lids

Flip lid boxes are delivered flat packed and pre-glued, therefore allowing affordable shipping and easy assembly. As they are mainly destined for wholesale use, there is a minimum order of 25 pieces going up to 10,000.

If you need help with file preparation or if would like to get tips on what would look better for your specific needs, our customer care team is available to help.

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