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Print your custom flexible packaging with Pixartprinting

A shortage of space can be a factor at each stage of a product's life: storage, transport, display on shelving and even storage by the customer are all situations that require space. That is why it is important to have packaging that is functional and not bulky. Our flexible packaging is designed to provide more convenient and reliable pouches for both manufacturers and customers. At Pixartprinting, we are fully aware of our customers' requirements so we have decided to introduce a new type of packaging, customisable flexible packaging. It is a new category of packaging that is particularly well suited to food products, cosmetics, pet food and much more. Flexibility and resistance are two of the stand-out features of our new flexible packaging, which includes high-quality solutions such as the new stand-up Doypacks. In-depth research into materials and the quest for new cutting-edge technology drives our daily activities. Our speciality is “customisation” and you can personalise every product on our website and align it perfectly with your branding.

Our flexible packaging solutions: print custom stand-up Doypacks

Within our new category dedicated to flexible packaging, you can find the new stand-up Doypacks . They are an innovative, versatile product that is very popular for food products or cosmetics with a natural freshness and unique aromas that must be preserved. “Stand-up” refers to the unique shape of the pouches, which enables them to be displayed without supports or containers. They are fully self-supporting and take up less space on shelves in shops.

We have two models of stand-up pouches available:

  • Standard Doypacks
  • Recyclable Doypacks

Both are printed in high definition using state-of-the-art technology. Choose the ideal material for you and create your new custom flexible packaging with Pixartprinting!

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