Sports Nutrition Pouches

Our sports nutrition pouches are the perfect choice for protein bars, supplements and energy snacks. Protect your contents from moisture and the outside world and keep them at their best.

  • Two models
  • Seven different sizes
  • Base can be printed

Sports nutrition and supplement packaging: discover our customisable pouches

With Pixartprinting, you can print custom sports nutrition and supplement packaging. Our nutrition pouches are ideal not only for storing protein bars, supplements and energy snacks but also to describe the properties of each product and catch the customer's attention from the shelf. You can enjoy customised pouches aligned with your company's branding and ready for use.

The nutrition packaging is made from multi-layer Doypack technology that protects the contents from contamination or leakage. The barrier is designed to preserve the product's natural freshness at every phase of the production and distribution processes. Flexible and resistant, the pouches offer adequate protection against shock, tears and cuts.

Printing your new pouches for supplements and snacks is easy. Select the configuration options that suit your needs on this page and download the template with instructions from our Graphic Designers on how to set up your print file correctly. Once you have uploaded your artwork and submitted your order, your new pouches will be sent directly to your office or home through our fast and punctual shipping service.

Two models of pouches for sports nutrition packaging: stand-up pouches and flat pouches

We offer two different models of pouches to create your sports nutrition packaging:

  • Stand-up Doypacks: these have a unique shape that allows them to balance unassisted on display. This makes them very convenient to use as they do not require any support. The Doypack supplement pouches are available in 5 formats:
    • 50 ml (8x13 cm)
    • 100 ml (9x16 cm)
    • 250 ml (11x19 cm)
    • 450 ml (13x22 cm)
    • 750 ml (15x25 cm)
  • Flat pouches: these are classic flat pouches that can be used to package your food products. They are available in 5 formats:
    • 10 ml (4,5x13 cm)
    • 30 ml (8x11 cm)
    • 70 ml (6x24 cm)
    • 250 ml (15x17 cm)
    • 1100 ml (19x27 cm)

With the stand-up Doypacks, you can also personalise the base of the pouch, printing your graphics on it. On both models, you can add a convenient zip and hang hole for display.

Food supplement packaging: available materials

You can choose from several materials to print your new food supplement packaging. Find the right material for your needs!

  • High-barrier white film: a multi-layer material made from a combination of PET, PE EVOH and PE. It is resistant to oxygen, carbon dioxide and aromas, plus it is ideal for a high-quality print.
  • High-barrier transparent film: a multi-layer material made from PET, PE EVOH and PE. It is transparent so you can see the contents of the pouch. It is also resistant to oxygen, carbon dioxide and aromas.
  • High-barrier paper/aluminium: a multi-layer material made from a combination of paper, aluminium and PE. The aluminium barrier protects the contents from moisture and makes the pouch resistant to shock and UV rays.
  • Recyclable transparent film: a fully recyclable transparent polyethylene film, suitable for direct contact with food.
  • Recyclable white film: a fully recyclable white polyethylene film, suitable for contact with food.
  • Recyclable paper/metallic BOPP with barrier coating: a multi-layer material made from paper and metallic BOPP, which provides excellent protection against moisture and shock, preserving the natural freshness of the contents.

You can apply lamination to the surface of your new pouches to give them a stylish feel and look and to further protect the print.

Other ideas for food supplement and sports nutrition packaging

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