Recyclable Doypacks

With their gusseted base, Doypacks are a flexible packaging solution that provides plenty of room for your products. Choose from two multi-layer papers that guarantee protection and safety for your product. The materials are easy to dispose of and recycle.

  • Zip and hang hole
  • 4 different sizes
  • From just 100 copies

New recyclable pouches: functionality and sustainability for your customised pouch packaging!

Stand-up pouches known as Doypacks are the ideal solution for functional packaging that can be used for storage, transport and display in shops. They are flexible but incredibly resistant, making them perfect for storing food products, pet food, cosmetics and much more. The versatility and reliability of stand-up pouches make them suitable for a number of uses. The unique multi-layer Doypack technology fully insulates the contents from the external environment and protects them from situations of stress due to humidity or adverse temperatures. Plus, thanks to their unique shape, stand-up pouches can be displayed on shelves without the need for additional display items or containers. They are fully self-supporting, as their name suggests, and they take up less space on shelving. They are also an environmentally friendly solution. Stand-up Doypacks are recyclable as they are made from materials that are easy to dispose of, such as paper and film. A sustainable and customisable pouch that can protect your products from the time of packaging to display on your shelves. Discover the new stand-up pouches from Pixartprinting and produce bespoke recyclable pouch packaging for your products!

Multi-layer Doypack technology: flexible, resistant, sustainable and customisable recyclable pouches

Doypack stand-up pouches are made using multi-layer technology, which makes them resistant to liquids and air. The contents are fully insulated from the external environment, keeping them fresh. They are also a reliable form of pouch packaging that prevents the risk of product leakage during storage or transport. They are made from layers of recyclable paper combined with a BOPP barrier. The outer surface is fully customisable: we use the ten-colour flexographic printing method to give your recyclable Doypacks your desired look. After use, the stand-up pouches are easy to dispose of and can be recycled to help protect the environment. This is one of our main values: sustainability is behind everything we do at Pixartprinting, from sourcing raw materials to printing. To produce the pouches, we only use FSC-certified paper that comes from forests that are protected and managed in an environmentally sustainable way.

Recyclable pouches - Formats

The recyclable Doypacks are available in a range of capacities and sizes, enabling you to find the ideal format for your products. You can choose from the following options:

  • 50 ml (8x13 cm)
  • 100 ml (9x16 cm)
  • 250 ml (11x19 cm)
  • 450 ml (13x22 cm)
  • 750 ml (15x25 cm)
  • 750 ml (24x31 cm)
  • 1000 ml (17x27 cm)
  • 1000 ml (26x31 cm)
  • 1300 ml (19x26 cm)

If you select the Recyclable white film or Recyclable transparent film as the material for your pouch packaging, you can opt for a customised base, selective white printing, a resealable zip and a hole to hang the product on display stands.

What materials are available for the recyclable pouches?

Our recyclable pouch packaging is available in a choice of three different materials:

  • Recyclable paper with barrier coating: a multi-layered material made from paper and plastic, with a total thickness of 110 µm. The barrier provides good resistance to moisture, shock and aromas. Recyclable stand up pouches made from this material are suitable for contact with food but not oily products.
  • Recyclable white film: a plastic, recyclable white film with a glossy, matt or soft-touch PP finish. Excellent barrier to oxygen and water vapour.
  • Recyclable transparent film: as above but the recyclable pouches will be made from a transparent film with an oxygen and water vapour barrier

Depending on which material you choose for your recyclable stand up pouches, matt, gloss or soft touch lamination may also be applied for added protection.

Customisable stand-up recyclable pouches: print your recyclable pouch packaging in just a few clicks!

It is easy to order your new stand-up pouches on our website. Download the handy template from the pouch packaging page and follow all the instructions to set your graphics file up correctly. Then, select your desired customisation options and choose your preferred delivery date. Remember that ordering early always saves you money with Pixartprinting! It will give you access to lower prices. When you have completed your purchase, your customised Doypacks will be delivered directly to do your door with fast, punctual shipping. Our customer support will be able to help you with any part of the order process, from choosing a product to delivery.

Products to complement your recyclable pouches 

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