Synthetic Fabrics & Flags

A huge range of synthetic materials that ensure high-quality printing and bright colours. Ideal for use both indoors and out.

Flag printing on a range of fabrics

Custom flag printing

Get your brand noticed by a wide audience with Pixartprinting’s large fabric banners – an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor use. Attract as many people as you can to an event or point people in the right direction to your exhibition stand or store – there are so many ways that your brand can make an impact with a fabric banner that can be customised to your requirements.

Flag printing specifications

When ordering your bespoke printed flags from Pixartprinting, there are many features that you can customise:

  • Size: there are no set sizes to restrict you, simply enter your desired height and width, bearing in mind that both must be a minimum of 50 cm
  • Material: you have five options:
    • 100% polyester fabric 235 gsm: treated to make it crease resistant, it is also waterproof and dirt resistant. It lasts up to two years outdoors and is washable
    • Elastic fabric 215 gsm: made from polyester with some elasticity, this fabric is resistant to abrasion and chemicals and lasts up to three years outdoors. The maximum printable size is 500 x 314 cm
    • Windproof outdoor fabric 115 gsm: this is a long-lasting, tough and wind-resistant fabric for flags with a loose weave. It lasts up to two years outdoors and the maximum printable size is 1000 x 307 cm
    • Deluxe indoor fabric 130 gsm: a high-quality, compact fabric, which produces clear and even colours, ideal for use indoors. The maximum printable size is 496 x 135 cm
    • Non-woven fabric 95 gsm: a lightweight banner, ideal for use indoors or temporary use outdoors. Maximum printable size: 1000 x 297 cm
  • Cut: choose rectangular or untrimmed with unprinted strips at the edges
  • Orientation: printed flags can be landscape or portrait
  • Accessories: custom flag printing orders can come with or without accessories. Options include: high-strength polycarbonate eyelets; fabric pullbacks to attach the banner to ropes or poles (reinforcement is recommended with this option); or white plastic hooks with white cotton ribbons
  • Additional options
  • : reinforced stitching is available on the entire perimeter or one or more sides only, and you can opt for a 27-mm double stitched reinforced hem around the perimeter. You can also select the location of a pole pocket if required.

The print will appear on the front only and all fabrics will come with square-cut edges.

Custom flag printing

As you can see from all the options above, Pixartprinting allows you to fully customise your printed flags. The final stage is to upload your artwork to really put your own stamp on your banner. Please check the Template and Instructions files for guidance on ensuring that your print file is set up optimally to achieve the best results.

Prices and delivery options will vary depending on your chosen specifications and turnaround requirements, with delivery available in as little as 48 hours.

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