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Magnetic signs

Magnetic signs turn cars and vans into driving advertising media. In addition, they can be used for many other purposes. They attach to any metal surface and can be applied and removed in one beat. Pixartprinting prints customized magnetic signs, as small as 10 x 10 cm and as large as 99 x 300 cm. Within these formats, there are no restrictions on size and shape.

Magnetic car signs

The main application of magnetic signs is on cars and vans. Magnetic vehicle signs are the most flexible means to turn your fleet into an effective advertising medium. Every mile offers new contacts and opportunities to put your logo and message to the attention.

Other applications

Because magnetic signs stick to most metal surfaces, they are also a good alternative to other forms of promotion and signaling. For example, on fridges in stores, in restaurants, at fairs and events. They can be applied as necessary, and removed without damage. No other self-adhesive material is so flexible in use.

Top quality magnetic signs

Magnetic signs from Pixartprinting meet the highest quality standards:

• High magnetic power: 56 g / cm2

• Extra thick: 900μm

• Resistant to weathering and high speed for durability

• Brilliant print quality

Magnetic signs of your own design

At Pixartprinting there are no limits to your creativity. Upload your design on the order form and we'll print the signs exactly to your specifications.

• Within the range of 10 x 10 cm to 99 x 300 cm any size is possible.

• Design your own shape, we cut your magnetic signs to match your design.

• Our digital printing technology follows the CMYK colour scale and guarantees an exact reproduction of a wide range of colours. This method of printing works best on medium and large formats. For small formats like, for example, fridge magnets, other techniques are more suitable.

Design tips for your magnetic signs

• Start from the colour of your car(s) and choose colours that contrast well.

• The less text, the more readable and the more powerful the message.

• Let contact information (eg.your website) visually stand out.

Easy online ordering, fast delivery

You can easily upload your design and, using a handy template, see how it comes into its own when printed. We can run a check of your printing file as additional option. After ordering, you can follow the production process real-time on the order form.

For magnetic signs, we have a standard delivery time of seven days. If you’re in a hurry, please mention this on the order form.

Other possibilities at Pixartprinting

With the same emphasis on customization, we print many other promotional products. Consider, for example, the many possibilities of adhesive PVC and our extensive range of advertising en sign boards.

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Choose the Professional File Check option for only $ 4.44 extra.
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The professional file check includes:
- Check the resolution is not below 70 dpi
- Check there are no white overprints and correct them
- Check the distance of the graphic design from the safe area
- Check the graphic design is within the safe area
- Check the orientation of the back and front
- Check PDF files for magazines and catalogues: spine dimension and cover file
- Check the graphic layout is correct if folds are required

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The Instructions file contains all the information you need to create a print-ready file.

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Tips for the preparation and printing of your file

When printing large format materials, the optimal resolution for files in 1:1 scale is 100 dpi.
If any side of the product is greater than 5m in length, the file will have to be produced in 1:10 scale
with a resolution of 1000 dpi.
Our checking procedure blocks files with a resolution below 72 dpi.
Please send us a PDF, JPEG or TIFF file with the following features:
Base: #base#
Height: #altezza#
Use the template to create your file correctly, and do not add crop marks.