Cosmetic and Bodycare Pouches

Our cosmetic and bodycare pouches are the ideal packaging for mascara, shampoo bars and exfoliants, as well as make-up remover pads and small towels. They offer protection from water and moisture, ensuring the contents remain at their best.

  • Two models
  • Nine different sizes
  • Six materials

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Cosmetic packaging: for face masks, creams, soap and much more

Do you offer cosmetics and body care products? Are you looking for cosmetic packaging that meets your needs? With Pixartprinting, you can produce bespoke flexible packaging, customised with your graphics and fully aligned with your company branding.

We offer two models of cosmetic pouches:

  • Stand-up Doypacks: made with multi-layer Doypack technology, they have a unique shape that allows them to stand up on their own. They are flexible, resistant and waterproof.
  • Flat pouches: also flexible, resistant and waterproof, the flat cosmetic pouches allow you to save a great deal of space compared to a stiff container of the same capacity.

Once you have selected your preferred model, you can choose the customisation options that best suit your needs on this page. With Pixartprinting, creating customised cosmetic packaging is easy! It takes just a few clicks to configure the product and upload your print file.

Print your ideal cosmetic packaging: customised stand-up pouches and flat pouches

The stand-up pouches are convenient and effective, both during storage and transport. They can withstand the stress of distribution and they are practical for use by the consumer. They are available in three different materials:

  1. White film (high-barrier or recyclable): a multi-layer material containing PET, PE EVOH and PE. Resistant to oxygen, carbon dioxide and flavourings.
  2. Transparent film (high-barrier or recyclable): also composed of PET, PE EVOH and PE, this material is resistant and waterproof, and allows you to see the contents of the pouch.
  3. Paper/aluminium (high-barrier or recyclable): a multi-layer material composed of paper, aluminium and PE. It protects against moisture, shock and UV rays.

You will have the ideal cosmetic packaging for face masks, creams, soap and much more.

Customising cosmetic packaging

You can select the most suitable configuration options for your new cosmetic packaging on this page:

  • Size:
    • Stand-up pouches: 2700 ml (220x290 mm), 1400 ml (170x270 mm), 750 ml (150x250 mm), 600 ml (130x220 mm), 350 ml (110x190 mm), 190 ml (90x160 mm), 120 ml (80x130 mm);
    • Flat pouches: 65 ml (80 mm x 110 mm), 400 ml (150 mm x 170 mm), 1500 ml (190 mm x 270 mm), 5000 ml (300 mm x 350 mm);
  • Zip: you can add a convenient zip to print resealable pouches.
  • Hole: perfect for hanging pouches on display.
  • Lamination: protects the print and gives the surface of the pouches a pleasant feel and look.

Order your new cosmetic packaging online

With Pixartprinting, you can order your new cosmetic packaging in just a few clicks! Select your customisation options on this page and download the handy template. Following the instructions from our Graphic Designers, you can ensure that your print file is set up correctly so that you create unique pouches that match your company branding.

Get your new custom cosmetic packaging delivered directly to your office (or home) thanks to our fast and punctual shipping service.

Cosmetic packaging and other ideas for your products

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