Full Colour Envelopes

Want to ensure your letters don't get lost in the pile of that lands on the doormat every day? With printing available on the entire surface, our full colour envelopes help your message stand out from the rest. Choose them for major promotions, product launches or invitations to unmissable events.

Communicate creatively

Want to stand out from your competitors and run your business in an original way? Pixartprinting's Full Colour Envelopes let you do just that: by customising the entire surface, you can create the perfect envelope for your needs. Give your creativity free reign and devise communication materials with bags of visual impact: your customers are more likely to remember you, your brand and your message.

The perfect style for you

The envelopes are made with Classic Demimatt paper, a wood-free, matt coated paper that is resistant to ageing, with a high white point and satin surface. It is the perfect material for top-quality images and clear text, printed in four colours (CMYK).

You can therefore entrust your communications to an object that, as well as being practical, small in size (23 x 11 cm) and low in weight (115 gsm), is also extremely stylish. The peel & seal strip ensures the integrity of your envelopes.

When should I use them?

The Full Colour Envelopes are ideal for all types of correspondence, including invitations to events, new promotions for your customers and original paper marketing materials.

Products to complement the Full Colour Envelopes

There are various other types of envelope available to order on our website. For an even more personal touch, you could attach your own custom labels to the envelope. Finally, make your correspondence even more sophisticated by putting Special Finish Postcards in the envelopes.