Tower Display

Our tower display provides a functional and sustainable way to furnish your shop. The unit has three shelves for showing off your products, and you can assemble the side walls in different ways depending on your needs or the layout of your display.

Style and versatility for your interiors

It's important to always be free to change your mind, even at the very last moment. For this you need the right tools, which provide the perfect balance between practicality and design. And Pixartprinting has just such an item: its honeycomb cardboard Tower Display.

Build your own display

The Tower Display measures 45 x 40 x 155 cm, and has three shelves (45 x 40 x 34 cm) to show off your products. The side supports, meanwhile, measure 40 x 34 cm. Adapt the display to your needs and to its position by assembling the various pieces as you see fit.

When should I use them?

Tower Displays are particularly suited to furnishing indoor spaces thanks to their lightweight material and easy disassembly process. They allow you to set up your space very quickly, while leaving you free to change the layout in next to no time, and as such are perfectly suited to trade fairs and other events.

Which products complement the Tower Display well?

There is a vast range of POS displays and display items for you to choose from. And our range of chairs provides another way to furnish your spaces with cardboard.